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They're Out There!


Sad to say I have received a number of spam messages from people saying they are following my posts, sending me private messages and requesting I email them. I know I would not be alone with this, but for those who haven't received anything nasty yet, just be warned. It's so horrible to think that these pathetic low-life are targeting people who are already dealing with enough in day-to-day life. Karma awaits them.

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Thanks for the warning! I’ve been spammed a few times, and it is not a good thing!

there seems to be am awakening about this site in general....if you troll like I do, you will find the same types of posts about the same subjects. Ad nauseam. Dr. so and so, this sales source for vitamens, etc. They are going at it hot and heavy with because we are a captive, vulnerable audience...especially now at Christmas.

Now, let's see who jumps on this bandwagon?

Yes, I had 2 posters 1 gave me a sad story asking for $, the other, was just very weird, wanting my email.

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