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Is Gabapentin worth the risk?


Has anyone ever tried and had success withGabapentin/Neurontin for their rigidity and pain? My neurologist gave it to me, but the side affects scared me. I know all drugs have bad side affects, but these were unusually bad. Is it worth the risk?

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Here is a good place to research side effects, and yes indeed it looks like side effects can be quite adverse:

Here is a study showing a modest benefit in Parkinson's:

A couple of Parkinson's patients had improvement:

If you do decide to give it a try be on watch for the side effects!

kz59 in reply to park_bear

Thank you so much!

I’ve taken Gabapentin for two years for a different reason and have had no problems and I always have side effects it seems.

I was on gabapentin for a few months at various escalating doses. No benefit to pd or pain, made me groggy and sex was impossible.

You can get NOW brand GABA on Amazon, much better. No side effects, mild pd benefits in tremor reduction, calms nerves. I just took 2 chewable tablets in the morning.

I was prescribed Gabapentin 100 MG. I started it and took one tablet a night for one week and have been taking two tablets a night for 5 nights. So far, no bad side effects. It was prescribed to me for "restless legs," though I don't exactly have restless legs. I have something like restless feet that only lasts for about an hour, starting perhaps 4 hours after the last dose of Senemet of the day. It seems to help me get to sleep and sleep a bit longer at night. It has also helped my appetite some. I haven't been taking this medicine long enough to know if I am going to be able to tolerate it. I have had bad side effects with so many past medicines prescribed for Parkinson's (that I quit taking). I hope this helps.

tlane77 in reply to sleezy

Your RLS might be low iron storage, I would have your Hb checked. I had burning legs all my life and found it was low iron in my bones. My red blood cell count was good though.

sleezy in reply to tlane77

Thanks for your advice. I have chronic kidney disease and have quit taking the Gabapentin, at least until I get my lab test results back. I had a kidney function test today. My legs have been swelling since I started taking Gabapentin, which is possibly a sign that my function has gone down. I didn't want to take the medicine to begin with but was talked into it by the doctor.

I am sorry that others have discounted the benefit of gabapentin. I have found that is very heplful to take when I have nerve pain in the heal of my feet. I do not take it daily. Please talk to someone who can give you professional information

Rosabellazita in reply to 1182

I was prescribed 300 mg to take each night. Have not started it yet researching the side effects. Hand Tremor was keeping me awake and the neurologist prescribed it . Just one a night. Not sure if I want to take it or not.

Thank you all! I really appreciate it,

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