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Hello. My name is Jese. I was diagnosed 10.2017 with Parkinson’s. I had been dealing with symptoms of extreme fatigue, balance problems, tiredness and dystonia on my right foot for almost 7 years and going back and forth with neurologists until I finally got my 4th diagnosis and began Carbidopa the same day with a great reaction to the medication. I will be 40 this month. I feel great and have read that medication will not work the same as the symptoms of Parkinson’s increase. I’ve heard of Zandopa 4 years ago. I’d like to know if it’s ok to start taking it or what the best approach is since I’m doing great with the Carbidopa?

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That’s very vague. What do you mean to search Dr. Constantine and why?

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These links should answer some of your questions:




Good luck!



Zandopa? That’s a new one for me, thanks for sharing. If you did not mind, here are a few tips for you that may be of use.

Try to cope with the least amount of medication.

Maintain a healthy Body Mass Index.

Save as much money as you can.

Don’t get mad, it doesn’t help.


Thank you.

Have you thought of doing something other than taking Pd medication, all of which have serious side effects? IF you are prepared to invest some of your energy into doing some easy exercise and standing a good chance of actually getting better then contact me on my website, reverseparkinsons.net It will cost you NOTHING. Don't kid yourself that you are unable to do any exercise, I have helped people in wheelchairs to start doing proper walking. It is not a MIRACLE, only plain common sense.

Hello. I do exercise.

Hi Loly. Not all exercise has been shown to slow down the progression of Pd or even reverse it. Make contact with me and I can really help you anto the right path. What have you got to lose?

Zandopa is Mucuna pruriens, a natural source of levodopa but without carbidopa (which makes the levodopa last longer). I’d stick to what you’re on, then you know exactly what you’re taking, unlike M. pruriens extracts.

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