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I read the communication on magnesium and magnesium oil.

After my wife read the conversation, she told me that she had two bottles of the oil. She got out one bottle and spayed her feet. She told me she thought the body absorbed the magnesium faster and more efficiently, in the feet, than any other way to get it into the body. 3 hours later she had a diarrhea episode.

This morning I sprayed my feet with the magnesium oil. 2 hours later I had the most satisfying movement I have had in years.

Could magnesium oil be the Holy Grail of solutions for Constipation issues???

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That, or placebo effect ;-)

Only yesterday my GP friend mentioned how helpful magnesium is for constipation. a good BM is such a joy!!

Where can I get this information that you speak about and this oil?

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Here is a link to that information on topical and oral magnesium.


HIgh dose thiamine / vitamin B1 restores most of normal bowel function. 2 grams 2x/day. Give it a week or two to start working.

Popular for heart health (see the AF Association on HealthUnlocked) e.g.

Well known that if you take too much then you get the runs; so easy to adjust :-) . Helps with muscle cramps too. Ideal dosage => no night time cramps, healthy heart, regular bowels!


Mannitol is great for BM’s as well.

My husband who has had PD for 5 years finds that eating Praline Peanuts work for him! Eats them on a daily basis and things work out well for him! He’s been doing that for awhile now. He also takes a probiotic every day to add good flora to his stomach to assist with digestion.

Hi, sorry for late response..Magnesium Glycinate is very effective..


It sounds like you are using a commercial product which are often times around a 70% solution. If it is too strong you can just dilute it with distilled or filtered water.......well at least for your wife! I usually make it around a 50% solution which makes it easier on the skin also!


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