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ibogaine-based medicine CK-BR 12

Phytostan, a pharmaceutical company focused on developing ibogaine, has developed an ibogaine-based medicine called CK-BR 12. This consists of Ibogaine HCL and a cocktail composed of 12 vitamins.

Reference : iboga.info/parkinsons-disease/

Has anyone used it?

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Their website phytostaninternational.com appears to have expired. Not a good sign.


Their website address is


This drug is I think still in experimental phase , because their website mention it as follows

"Phytostan Pharmaceuticals, Genesis Ibogaine Center, Nutra Lab Canada Ltd., Patient ‘D’ and CKBR-12 have made Ibogaine history by conducting the first treatment anywhere of a Parkinson’s Patient with an Ibogaine Derivative Medication. The results are astounding.

Confidential results soon to be available."


That is NOT the Phytostan Pharmaceuticals website. That is the website of an addiction treatment center in Mexico.


Agreed. Thanks for correction

CKBR-12, an Ibogaine derivative medicine developed by Phytostan Pharmaceuticals is currently being investigated and used exclusively by this company ( Genesis) as a medication to treat Parkinson’s disease (PD).

They claim that Motor Skills: 50% or 75% better within 30 days.

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Let me first say that ibogaine is pretty serious stuff to consider. We really don't know much about using ibogaine in a daily microdose. As of last year, I believe that I was the fourth person to try it. Like I stated in a separate post, I experienced strange visual reflection trails, which made me decide to stop taking it. I was only taking 10 mg twice a day. Nobody really knows long-term effects of ibogaine. I have considered trying it again to see if the visual phenomena goes away and if I feel better.

Yesterday, I spoke with one of the guys who has now been trying ibogaine for nearly three years. He is been taking 20 mg twice a day along with levadopa and he's never experienced anything visually strange like I have. He says ibogaine makes him feel much looser overall and still takes it daily. He did have a bad batch of ibogaine 2 years ago, which made him feel worse, so getting the good stuff is very important. Makes me wonder if I got a good batch or if another batch would have better effects and no visuals.

The first guy to try it, Patient D, Is now taking 40 to 50 mg twice a day. He does experience visually strange things but doesn't mind them. He seems to have to need to increase his dose for it to be effective, where as the other guy doesn't. He says ibogaine does not deal with the non-motor symptoms so much for him.

Reading about the researcher in South America who's finding better substances for upregulating GDNF better than ibogaine is exciting, especially if this can be synthesized into something more consistent than straight ibogaine.

If anyone starts to try it, I would be curious to see how it works for them.

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I am interested in giving it a try. I am in contact with ibogaworld.com, but do not know if this supplier is authentic one. They have offered me 208 USD per gram and suggested 25 mg twice a day (50 mg per day) after asking my age and weight. According to them, they have observed that ibogaine not only relieves the symptoms but also slows down the progression. Although this is expensive recipe, however the price is worth it if it delivers the mentioned results

RedwoodPark, I would request to please explain the following in bit details

1. What do you mean by "ibogaine makes him feel much looser overall" ? Does it mean that he feels laziness, lethargic and slowness?

2. What do you mean by "He did have a bad batch of ibogaine 2 years ago" Does it mean that the supplied ibogaine was not of good quality?

3. You have mentioned that the patient D had to increase the daily dose to maintain its effectiveness whereas that other guy haven't. Does it mean that for the other guy the same dose is effective throughout 3 years ?

4. What is your own experience with IBOGAINE apart from getting visual trials. Did it relieve the rigidity , slowness and tremors?

5. You mean to say that the researchers in South American are abandoning ibogaine research and are in search of better alternatives which are easy to unregulated?

I will share the results after I get it and use it


Looser meaning less rigidity, especially in his chest.

We both got our ibogaine from Liberty Root in Canada. He had his bad batch before I ever tried ibogaine. He said he felt worse and want to stop taking it. He then got a call from the provider, who uses it for opioid addiction. He said it was a bad batch and they replaced the batch for him. Since that time he's had no problems and they do more lab analysis of the iboga. Liberty Root is a good company to deal with overall, but I'm curious of the companies that are purifying/extracting more therapeutics from the raw material, such as18-MC.

The information about the South American researcher was in the link you provided us.

Yes, Patient D has needed more to maintain its effectiveness whereas the other guy has not. Patient D is very guarded about about speaking out, in fear of losing access to ibogaine and getting into legal troubles, which is a legitimate concern.

For me, I experienced the visual effects before I was able to really experience the possible therapeutic effects. However, I did take it long enough to where I should've felt something. At that time, I had not taken levadopa yet, so I have wondered if I would feel more of an effect from ibogaine now that I'm on levadopa.

It would be really interesting to compare the two available companies products, to see if they're different in their effects.



thanks for the details


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