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Is anyone taking Ambroxol? Please share


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Not any more, but I was a patient participant on the Royal Free Ambroxol drug trial. We are awaiting results of the study, an update is due in June. I should point out two things: Firstly that the trial was designed solely to determine if there is evidence for increased drug-related biochemical activity in the cerebro-spinal fluid and how this relates to drug-related blood serum activity levels, and secondly, the trial employed dosages of Ambroxol way above those used in the drug's current therapeutic usage range, currently this is about max 150mg/d, the trial dosage was almost 10x that. I don't have any further information to divulge, but if I could afford to, I would continue to take Ambroxol.

p-oui in reply to Andy_F

Andy THANK YOU for sharing your experience in the trial. I wish all trials would considerately offer an extension arm. We have to rethink the clinical trial playbook! May I ask what improvements you observed?

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