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PoNS Device - being tested in Australia

I am still reading The Brain's Way of Healing by Norman Doidge. The PoNS device sits on the tongue. It assists in balance and motor skills. It was created in America and underwent preliminary testing in Melbourne last year.

I found this on FAQ Norman Doidge website.

"I’m interested in the PoNS device, in Chapter 7 of The Brain’s Way of Healing. The PoNS is a device that neuromodulates and resets the brain, and which has helped people traumatic brain injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, some pain problems, and other brain and balance difficulties. When will it be available?

PoNS UPDATE, January, 2018. Information on availability of the PoNS will now be through the manufacturer of the device, Helius Medical Technologies. In brief, some good news is that the final patients in the studies required for FDA approval finished their treatment in May and July 2017. The two studies which are the necessary prerequisites for FDA approval have now been completed, and a final package with the results, is currently being prepared by Helius for FDA submission. But the PoNS can not be made available to the public until FDA approval comes through. The latest guestitimate we have heard is that it could take until the end of 2018 for the FDA to release its decision. This may seem confusing, because the PoNS was available to patients who were in the well-known studies (for instance, the U.S. Military study of its use for treating traumatic brain injury and the Montreal Neurological Institute study for use for Multiple Sclerosis patients). But now that the studies are complete, the PoNS cannot be available to anyone until approved by the FDA. We know this is frustrating for those hoping to get access to a PoNS, and who had hoped it would be available by now, but this pace is not unusual in approval of new cutting-edge devices. Other news is that there is a migration of PoNS development activity to Helius. Because the PoNS studies have been completed, the Tactile Communication and Neurorehabilitation Lab that opened in 1992 and developed the PoNS and many other inventions, has been closed and the three scientists who invented the PoNS, Yuri Danilov, PhD, Kurt Kaczmarek, PhD and Mitch Tyler PhD, are now consulting for Helius on how to refine it. The TCNL lab website still has 50 research papers related to the PoNS posted on it, here. "

I guess now we watch this spot.

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Important update. Thank you.


Thanks for the update. It would be great if it becomes available in 2018. Keep us posted...


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