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Does anyone experience pain in their head?

i've just started experiencing a rather sharp pain on the right side of my head about three inches above my ear. It's not a constant pain like a headache, but happens when my head is jarred. I first noticed it stepping off a curb, and then realized I could make it happen by shaking my head. The other odd thing that just happened a few days ago that might be connected is that I blacked out running (for the exercize) two short blocks to the post office, and that has never happened before. I'm very concerned because brain tumors run in my family and the MRI that got me this diagnosis (nine years ago) showed a cluster/tangle of blood capillaries in the brain. As I googled head pain, one site listed a short list of possible causes and PD was one of them. so that's why I'm asking. Thanks for the input.

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I think you should go to a dr. It sounds frightening, though hopefully it's just an excited nerve or something.

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I know that's the obvious, but I'm sure a mri would be called for and that would be out of pocket because of a very high deductable. I can come up with a dozen different reasons why I don't want to, but I know none of them are good enough to not go.


facing the inevitable and getting an MRI later this afternoon. Thanks for the push.


Hope it turns out to be nothing.


Thanks. Hope you're doing well with your pd experience. I'm finding this forum very interesting and informative. I appreciate everyone's willingness to share very much.


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