Request for Xadego rejected

I am so disappointed and angry. My Medicare insurance company decided that instead of Xadego I should take selegline which they cover. I wonder who is the Pd expert, my Dr. who prescribed it or someone in the insurance company. I'm hoping my Dr. will appeal and this is not the end of the story. Does anyone else take selegline? It is better that Azelect which originally the Xadego was supposed to replace.

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  • I have taken both selegiline and Azilect and can't say I have noticed either one doing anything for me. One user here reported a big improvement with Xadago.

    End of the year is coming up - maybe you can find a more co-operative Part-D insurer.

  • I have recently been able to buy at my own expense Xadago, 100 mg tablets 2 months supply. I started by cutting 100 mg tablet in half which I took at 8:30 am. About3 hours later I started to feel the effects... diskinesias, dizziness and sleep attacks... all these bad symptoms carried on into the evening.I am so disappointed because I had been so sure this medicine was going to alleviate my ON/OFF problem. Two days later I cut half a tablet in 2. This dose, 25mg did not do anything good or bad. Next day I backed up again with 25 mg and had same symptoms come back again. I tried a third time with 25 mg and still came up against the same side effects... I have stopped taking Xadago for the timebeing whilst waiting to hear how others are making out with it. Good luck.

  • My husband recently tried Xadago. He was on it for seven weeks. We noticed only a very subtle difference. He seemed to have a tiny, tiny bit less dys. He also seemed to go off very suddenly. Just don't feel it is worth any extra $$ (and that is a substantial amount of $$$ per month).

  • My MDS gave me the choice of rasagiline, Xadago or nothing other than the Sinemet. Xadago is not on the formulary for Medicare or my Medicare supplement. Rasagaline is now generic although still pricey since only one company still has the generic patent, but I’m not going to pay a fortune for Xadago. I take rasagiline for the neuroprotective effects, not for symptom relief.

    From your post, I wouldn’t touch Xadago. Rasagiline has no side effects.

  • Thanks for all the feedback from everyone. Maybe I shouldn't be so disappointed about the Xadago. I would love to hear from others who have started taking Xadago and also from others who take selegiline.

  • Xadago is far better than selegiline. It has many benefits. It increases on time without extra dyskinesia, it is a calcium channel blocker as well as a binder to glutamate receptor. All of which will slow down progression. I have taken it for a year now and have had no side effects. It is a miracle drug as far as I am concerned.

  • That is good to know rhenry. Where and how have you been able to get it?

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