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DBS ????

I dont have Parkinsons,but i am a friend/carer of a woman who has . She is in her 70s.She has been diagnosed quite a few years ago , and is on alot of meds.She is on the apo pump which definitely helps when it comes to off times.Her Parkinsons has progessed further and i am looking into DBS to see if she can have it in relation to her age ,and also to ask is there anyone out there that has had it done and was it a success?????I would appreciate any feedback on this.

Thanks in Advance


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Yes I have had it and I'm very pleased. I was 66 years old. I'm now 69. There's a distinct process for determining eligibility for a successful outcome that does include age. A healthy person with good mental functions is more likely to be a candidate than just the years.


If one has responded positively to Carbo-Levo / Sinemet during the course of having PD, that is also considered positively in terms of the advisability of having DBS.

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Martin, i agree with all etterus wrote. Your neurological dept will have guidelines on eligibility for referrers. Sometimes you can find them on line.

There are lots of positives and some potential negatives too, the worst perhaps being stroke. Also can affect mood, speech and balance.

It all depends how fit and active your friend is and as said by etterus mental state is very important. Some places have an age restriction.

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The age part that is what worries me. Thanks for replies


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