Sinemet shortage

I recently went to the pharmacy to pick up my medication, in which I usually get a 90 days supply, but the pharmacist told me that I can only have a 30 day supply because of the extreme shortage of Sinemet. Has anyone else experienced this, and is it possibly because there are more people being diagnosed with PD, which I hope not, or are they really low on the dopamine that goes into the pills?

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  • that's hard to believe. There are several hundred thousand people if not millions taking sentiment. I wonder if it's just your pharmacy is run short and is trying to spread out their supply. Where do you live?

    (I use voice recognition software. Sometimes it's not too smart.)

  • Sumner,WA

    It must just be our pharmacy,because that would be very unfortunate for so many people, and it's probably the #1 drug used for PD, right?

  • they manufacture the dopamine, that is, they don't have to go out and find it somewhere. I get mine from the VA so I'm probably in the clear but still find it hard to believe. Maybe try calling a pharmacy and some other city see if they say the same thing.

  • There have been sinemet shortages in the past, some of them affected a number of countries globally. In my experience this has not meant no levodopa at all but maybe a different form, a generic or somesuch. I am concerned that a pharmacist is saying this though, so it is something to watch.

    Which country are you in?

  • US

  • The hurricaine in Puerto Rico has destroyed a lot of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities there. I don't know about Sinemet specifically, but shortages of a lot of drugs are expected for some time.

  • these big pharmaceutical companies are smart enough to know the rate at which the drug is being prescribed and stay ahead of the demand.

  • What does it cost for 90 days?? What does it cost for 30 days?? Which one the 30 or the 90 days makes the pharmaceutical company the most$$? Anyone watch 60 Minutes, on CBS 10/15? if you didn't,, you should have. I am in the U.S

  • Years ago we was told this and then they changed the brand name. My husband did not do well on the generic brand.

  • According to the FDA, there is currently a shortage of the extended release C/L tablets, which probably just applies in the USA. This is real.

  • My pharmacy told me last month ( I am fortunate that my Gp agrees to 2 monthly repeats) that it was discontinued and was replaced by Eldepryl a more expensive alternative. I call my hospital nurse practitioner who said I should not notice any difference. 2 weeks on and I am fine ( fingers crossed)

  • This is very strange. Elderpryl is not sinimet it is generic selegiline.

  • Thanks. Confusion reins supreme. Sorry my fault. I do take sinemet and. Selegeline. New drug is the selegeline alternative. Dohhhhhh 😰😨

  • I have found very often that teh pharmacy runs low and they have to give me some to get by and then fille the rest in a couple days.

  • I take C/L ODT which is an Oral Dissolving Tablet and I had trouble getting it the last 2 months but could never find out why. It's made by Mylan.

  • Probably a real shortage depending where you are. India is quickly changing to western medicine and more cases of PD being diagnosed there and as with any shortage ,hording may be a factor. Manufacture and supply of medications including over the counter are a balancing act in a world wide distribution using the same factories . Never wait until the last minute to refill your prescription and keep an emergency supply stashed away. It may take several months to build it up and you need to rotate it to keep it fresh. A world wide supply/ distribution problem may be just one flue epidemic away, for example , Amantadine is no longer available any where in any solid pill form, only in liquid and that is becoming low standing supply. Other meds are now being made in that factory and it is not going to change back.

  • We still get it in a green and white capsule here in Spain

  • We were unable to get the 25/100 mg extended release sinemet. We tried everything, and finally the dr changed my husband to the 50/200 extended release and halved the number of tablets.

  • I couldn't get Sinemet ER from Express Scripts a few months ago but my local pharmacy was able to supply a 30 day supply. Express Scripts was able to fill a 90 day supply last month.

    I have not noticed any shortage of Amantadine. My wife has been taking it for years and she is still able to get the same pills she has always taken.

  • My Pharmacy (Walgreens) never has Azilect or its generic on hand when I go to refill it. But often times other stores do. It's either store mis-management or some corporate policy driving all this to keep costs down profit's up. My insurance allows refills 5 day in advance, so that's when I do it every month. So like someone else said, I build up my home supply just I case I can't get a refill on time.

  • I also get my C/L from Express Scripts, and have always received the 90-day refill on time - every month - since I was diagnosed three-and-a-half years ago. But something is happening with the delivery of C/L, as I received a letter from ES stating "we can no longer supply C/L automatically every 90 days unless with they are supplied with an updated prescription request submitted to them prior to every 90 days."

  • I'm in Vancouver BC Canada. My pharmacy no longer has my usual sinemet and has replaced it with a generic alternative. Seems to be working...



  • Has anyone heard of shortages of Stalevo which is what my husband takes?

  • I have an unopened bottle of sinemet 100/25 (100 tablets) as when I changed neuro he moved me to madapor.

    I'm happy to mail for free to someone if they'd like. It didn't cost me much thanks to the Aussie government and I'd hate to see it go to waste.

    Just message me.

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