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No more Carbidopa/Levodopa ER at any pharmacy!


My husband takes Carbidopa/levodopa Extended Release 4 times daily. The last time we refilled his prescription, we were told that some manufacturerrs had stopped making the drug. We were able to get his filled for a 90 day supply. Now, we need to refill again, and no pharmacy had it! And the mail order people we use say that they cannot get it either. We have a 17 day supply, and will be calling the dr first thing Monday morning. Anybody switched from the ER to something else? He cannot take regular Carbidopa/ levodopa, as he gets stroke-like symptoms. His dosage of ER is 25/100, and he takes 3 tabs 4 times a day. Help!!!

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What about Stalevo? My husband takes that, he used to take Sinemet The Stalevo is suppose to act longer between doses. Hopefully the Dr. will be able to help.

Thanks, that will certainly give me a place to start on Monday morning when I call dr!

Perhaps the manufacturers are paving the way for a price increase.

Could be, but he must have it! Any suggestions?

I just got a regular refill of C/L ER from Express Scripts. I get the 50/200 but they are splittable.

Thanks! Will ask about this dosage. Since he has been on Medicare, he has to use Optum RX, and they cannot get the 25/100.

Is this only in the UK? I'm in the U.S. and so far hubby is doing ok on reg. generic Carbadopa Levadopa one or two times a day, but one never knows if he'll need extended release in the future. A friend takes the reg. kind every 21/2 hours. Don't know why he doesn't take the ER. It seems like the drug manufacturers have us over a barrel.

We are in the USA. Southeast- North Carolina.

Wow...I'm going to mention that at our next PD support group. Thanks. I'm in Utah.

Thanks! Please share any info you get..

There is Madopar CR, which is Levodopa plus Benserazide. Madopar is often prescribed (in the UK at least) as an alternative to Sinemet.

My husband takes both sinemet and madopar

Babowen898, that seems really weird. We live in Louisville, KY and my husband just refilled his prescriptions on Friday (09/22) at CVS Pharmacy. He takes Carbidopa/Levodopa 25-250 mg, 1 tab 5x/dly and Carbidopa/Levodopa ER 50-200, 1 Tab 5x/dly. We have not heard anything about it being discontinued. Thanks for the heads up. We will check into it, too, and let you know if we learn anything.

Stop and Shop Pharmacy told me on 9/23 they could do only partial refill. Said there was "SHORTAGE" and they would call when they got more.

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His dosage is 25/100. Perhaps the 50/200 is still being manufactured. Will check tomorrow with dr and let you know.

I had trouble getting the ER from Express Scripts a few months ago, but my local pharmacy was able to get it. No problem at Express Scripts last time.

Contacted my hubby's movement disorder neurologist this morning to let them know that no pharmacy or our mail order pharmacy (Optum RX) could get the carbidopa/levodopa ER 25/100. They had had other calls, and thought it odd that no one had informed prescribers that they were not manufacturing that dosage of the med. They offered to put him on the regular C/L - not extended release- but I explained that he'd had stroke-like symptoms when he was taking that a few years ago, hence the extended release. She agreed to move him to C/L ER 50/200 mg, and half the dosage, which would, in effect, be the same amount per day. I called locally - guess what? No one could get that, either! I called the Optum RX mail order, who said they COULD get the 50/200 ER. I had the dr to send the prescription to them! What in the world is happening regarding meds that must be obtained for the patient????? My hubby could never have tackled what I have had to go through to get him this medicine. I guess I am happy that I was able to do it for him, but it makes me wonder about those who don't have persistent caretakers to get the job done!

We had that issue with my husband's c/l 25/100 ER when we went to the pharmacy to have it refilled. We got a few days supply and then they called us and said that they had it. Apparently not too many people use the ER, they said that my husband was the only one to use the ER and they have many people that use the other ones. I think that they now have many suppliers that carry it now. Good luck.

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