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Phase 1b clinical trial of gene therapy (by Voyager) has impressive success

 Phase 1b clinical trial of gene therapy (by Voyager) has impressive success

A year ago, Roy Prop alerted us all to the clinical trial of Voyager Therapeutics.


Instead of kicking a dying horse, the Substantia Nigra, Voyager had the daring, clever idea of working with a nearby brain region, the Putamen, which is not Dopamine-challenged. By drilling a hole through the skull and injecting fresh genes, they hope to stimulate more production of Dopamine. Well, before you smirk, shake your head, and call this just another of countless Parkinson's Pipe Dreams, listen up.

The phase 1b trial, involving 15 patients with advanced PD has been completed. And the news is all good:


With this strong success under their belts, Phase 2/3 trials may begin as soon as next year. Let's keep posted.

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That is good news!


The company PR Is here: ir.voyagertherapeutics.com/...

replete with several nifty charts. Stock ( symbol VYGR ) is up 50% since, meaning the biotechies do not find anything wrong with it, nor do I. This is just phase 1, meaning it has to go through phase 2&3.

This study is still recruiting according to clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show...

This may be out of date, but the company is about to start the phase 2, so interested PWP with advanced disease should get in touch.


Good news indeed!

This is an earlier gene therapy trial with a treatment called Prosavin the viral vector. I dont know if it is ongoing but they too had remarkable results.