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Does full spectrum mucuna pruriens really not need an extra inhibitor?

I read somewhere recently that there was a study done using a sample of indigenous who were not able to afford a Rx treatment for their diagnosis PD. They were taking skinned and toasted MP seeds/beans effectively with not much in the way of adverse events. In the article it was written that the MP seeds contain a natural inhibitor. That latter part is the more intriguing claim. Anyone else read that MP contains compounds that are inhibitors? I think I would be encouraged to try if any of you have already done so and continued on. Please let us know. If it works well all by itself that would certainly be worth it to do a brief trial. Just to simplify my protocol; it would be nice to not require potent extract of MP in combination with an inhibitor. :)

Oh! I just read down a few posts and saw Karolmilk's post about that study. Still would like to know if any of yo have done it effectively.

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In the very beginning I was taking ground mucuna pruriens with ashwagandha they were both ground end mixed together. I never felt nauseous however after a while I got a awful diarrhea. Even drinking water would make me run to the bathroom. That was in the very beginning and I have no idea what kind of a dosage I was taking I would take up two heaping teaspoons mixed in water three times a day. I never worried about what I ate.. Myself I never noticed much of a difference.

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