Parkinson's Movement

Step into the outside world from your chair

I've been working on something, at the moment its for fun, but it is going to have a serious Patient application. Yesterday its true potential hit me in the face when a lady with MS who hasn't left her house for 4 years stepped into this world with me. Take a look at then select Gallery from the top right. You need to load the 'unity player' when it asks, it is a perfectly safe program. I'm very excited about the potential it has in the illness community, and determined utterly determined to make a positive difference, whilst i can. C x

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go back in if you can!


I have tried to get to watch first video on this site several times over the last few hours but impossilble to watch videos due to buffering every 2 seconds.

Oh well! thats what happens when you live out in the sticks I suppose.




What a great site! I'm going to add it to my favorites.


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