I sometimes get paralyzed and can't move

Hello everyone, I'm a 56 yo man who has been dxd since 2010. I'm on rytary 3 capsules 3x per day. Amantadine 2 100mg tabs 2x per day and ropinerole 1 2mg tablet 3x per day. The concoction works most of the time except in stressful situations. I do experience dystonia mainly in the morning along with dyskinesia through out the day.

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  • Sorry I hit send by mistake. My problem now is that I freeze up and can't move. Does anyone experience similar issue and how do you overcome?

  • Our son, Martin, who is 48 was diagnosed in 2010. He has been on various regimes of Sinemet since. For the first 5 years his 'freezing' meant the inability to move from the spot but the rest of his body was unaffected. More recently 'freezing' has come to be a total inertia, i.e. unable to move, unable to get out of a chair by himself, and an increase in drooling. This is usually happening 30-40 mins before his next Sinemet dose and he recovers quickly if the tablets are given early. We are seeing his specialist in July to review his drug regime.

  • My thoughts and prayers go out to your son Martin. I'm experiencing similar symptoms... please let me know what the doc recommends. Mark

  • I should have said that when Martin 'freezes' it is important to be extremely patient, often waiting 5 - 10 mins to make any progress. Applying any pressure ( " come on, just one step !") makes the situation worse.

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