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I have found my brain is compartmentalizing information. In my How Many Animals can you name in a min. I have kept the same amount for three test or approx. 4 years. This time was different how ever, my brain decided to look at a farm and list the animals you see there and then to Africa and then Australia so forth and so on.

I did not think to much about it until a few nights ago when my Parents were over. They had a smart tablet and I was looking through their library of songs. There I found musicians like Jean Michel Jarre, George Winston, Jean Luc Ponty, Micheal Garrison. I asked them who these artist were and they told me that they are the same artist that I had introduced them to 30 years ago. It would seem that my brain stuck them in the category of instrumental new age genre and sometime the link was broken to the point that I know longer knew the names. The only way to remember them is to go back and listen to their music, that I recognized.

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  • Hmmmm, I'm not familiar with the test but it sounds challenging. "HOW MANY ANIMALS CAN YOU NAME IN A MINUTE"? Ok, here goes,,,,,,, Fido, Rover, Butch, Spot, Snoopy-- Tom Garfield, Callico, Blackie, (a quick dash to the farmyard here), Bossy, Ferdinand, War Admiral, Champ., Porkie then off to Africa,(Kong) and Australia (Roo)...... Howzatt?? I was pleased to hear that your brain is still compartmentalizing information. As is probably quite apparent, my brain's compartments are no longer secure. Lewis everywhere..

  • Have fun with your friends and ask them to name famous men that are solo singers in a minute. It's not as easy as one might think.

  • On a more serious tone, it does appear that the brain is capable of selectively keeping, storing and sometimes retrieving information ways we don't understand. I had a reaction to general anesthesia during an operation a few years back, coupled with, I am told, a subsequent 2 month bout with the results of a second drug . The reason for this story is to report that, since the episode with the anesthesia. I remember most or all verses of somgs that were popular durring my youth;; Theres more but ,,,,,,,another day..

  • I guess that a whole genre of music not just a group was erased from my head and before you say that happens to me, I worked in a record store as the assistant manager and knew my product well.

  • Hal, if you are a record store guy I think you will appreciate how I ended up falling. I had given my grandson a record player for Christmas a couple years ago and he was playing Daft Punk very loud and on the wrong speed. When I got up and left his bedroom to get away from the cacophony I got to the living room and then heard his little foot steps behind me running to get me and that's when I took off running. Now, who can blame me?! Daft Punk loud and on the wrong speed!

  • My 80s high-fi ( i think that is what you would call it ) sits in the closet, my vinyl in another closet. Now a $1500.00 stereo has been replaced by wireless earbuds. Are we evolving or de evolving. I never thought I would miss the popping and scratches of virgin vinyl and a diamond needle.

  • Forgive me if I sound simplistic, but it seems to me that the more people have the more they want and the less content they are.

    I still have some of my vinyl although I did just get rid of a lot of eighties and nineties cassettes.

  • It's funny but I still have a few cassettes. I use to tape my records off so I could listen in my car. My daughter discovered my cassettes and found that my oldie favorites were on her hit list to.

  • You don't own things they own you.

  • Another interesting observation. I was stretching and I laid on the floor with my back on the ground, one of my favorite positions as of late. I then bent my knees with the feet planted solidly on the floor, kinda like you are ready to do a sit up. I then proceeded to raise my pelvis in the air and do a bridge. As I was holding it my attention was directed to the Television where the Tour de France was on. I became so involved in the race that my knees started to sway back and forth. It was at this time I realized that what my family can do without even thinking about it I can not.

  • Also look at this Fencing video. They are using their non dominate hands. So much thought is going into the process that the dominate hand does not know what to do so it hangs limply and using less energy to operate it. My parky left hand ( non dominate ) does the same thing when I clean toilet bowls.

  • Another funny antidote :

    We have been having trouble with our ice maker. I started to troubleshoot it about 2 weeks before our trip but not with much luck. When we got back I proceeded to try to fix it again. My thoughts were that the water line must have froze up. I pulled out a hairdryer and extension cord and my wife asked what was I doing. She then told me to do what I did last time.

    What last time? I asked

    the last time you fixed it.

    what did I do last time? I really don't remember

    "you took the whole ice compartment out and let it sit for a day"

    I did????


    so I took the ice maker out and let it sit overnight and it worked.

    It is good to have a backup brain.

  • When I get in a crowded room my mind will substitute one word for another , confusing some and annoying others.

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