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Weird, interesting but slightly funny 😄

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I was out on a walk today, in a pretty rural area. I realised at some point that I was beginning to go ‘off’. I told the guy I was walking with and he asked me what he should do to help. We considered him going alone to get his car while I waited. But eventually I declared that I’d do my best to walk the 2 miles back to the car park. As I struggled along, for some reason I thought I’d try and walk backwards. I was surprised and intrigued to discover that I could walk normally and quite quickly. What other users of the Park thought I couldn’t say! I occasionally mixed it up with some forwards walking (as walking backwards requires some concentration)? but compared to the shuffling that I’m beginning to experience, walking backwards provided speed, flow and ‘normality’ that the usual one has lost years ago. We probably look very odd and feel self conscious but it’s worth knowing eh?

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Before I started taking carbidopa levodopa, I would occasionally develop dystonia in the toes of my right foot while walking forward, but it immediately disappeared when I walked backward.

Climbing also works pretty close to normal for me and others. There was a post here some time ago that someone created an image of stairs in the hallway to help their PWP walk it.

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Grumpy77 in reply to park_bear

Yeah I remember that, intriguing that the illusion created by the painting tricked the brain and the body to work properly


Interesting and yes that is slightly funny Jeeves!

I sometimes think I can run better than walk! Once when I was taking Entacapone I got out of bed and started walking backwards without even trying. That was kind of freaky!

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1rocketman in reply to laglag

Interesting that my husband’s neuro said it is preferable for him to walk than run (he uses a treadmill), because running gives you momentum that walking does not. He says walking engages the brain more because you have to think about the movements, so now my husband just splits the time and does both.

When I had toe dystonia I could also walk backwards normal. Got me home quite a few times. Also could catch something with my bad hand when I couldn't throw with it. The body is funny!

I also heard that sideways walking also works , when John freezes we often use this technique to get him going . Hope you are ok ? X

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jeeves19 in reply to ruff1

Surviving Christine. Thanks for asking 🙏

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JAS9 in reply to ruff1

Yes walking sideways works for me too. Also if you can manage skipping like a little kid it's fun but you have to be careful.

Fascinating! This reminds me of a video I saw a couple years ago of a pwp who demonstrated how he could get around by skipping or juggling while he walked. Apparently, the automatic walking that most people use is not so automatic with pwp and performing some other action that’s not so ingrained takes more conscious thought, making it possible to get from point A to point B easily. Wish we could test this- mostly confined to a wheelchair, except for short walks with the u-step walker.

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eschneid in reply to Bfp69

I remember that video of a guy skipping effortlessly to show it was easier than walking with PD sometimes.

Very enterprising - it’s not easy to walk backwards. Did you try singing? I find that can help sometimes.

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jeeves19 in reply to Astra7

Still sing in a band Astra 🎸

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jeffreyn in reply to jeeves19

I think she meant singing while walking forward.

Along those lines, I wonder if chewing gum would also work?

I can relate! And I bet I can out-weird you any day !!I can walk better (without my left foot dragging ) with my arms up above my head. I look like I’m completely mad, but you do what you Gotta do !If I start to get festination, I can get out of it by running. Also tried the grapevine which is a sideways walk. Those last two methods help me especially when my toes on The left foot start to curl under.

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jeeves19 in reply to Oceanflow

😂 Excellent

Hi, long time, no hear from you, Adam!!Ha! How is your Havanese? I went to a hockey game, in Detroit a few years ago, with my grandson and my son -in-law. I managed to walk from the car, to the Arena; however, after the game, I could hardly make it back. The Arena is about 7 city blocks from the car park, and I had to rest, being off, every 50 feet or so! It seemed like forever to get back to the car park. Anyway, I have not tried walking backward. I have balance problems, so I don’t know how walking backward, would work out! I’ll try it! Very interesting!

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jeeves19 in reply to ddmagee1

Doogie Woogie. That sounds awful matey. But lovely to hear from you. Try the backwards thing with your wife in attendance perhaps, somewhere close to a bed? Good luck 🤞

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ddmagee1 in reply to jeeves19

Will do, my friend! You take care, man!

I find walking backwards is gd when carrying things. For example when moving furniture etc i'm the end thats gors backward. I often ghink my knees can see the object n freeze

Yes, my husband also walks backwards when he gets stuck or frozen.

I would suggest that you’re having to think about how you’re moving rather than expecting muscle memory to do it for you. Please don’t forget that setting your phone to music that you can pace to, will activate another part of the brain and make walking easier. Didn’t you read my book??! 🤣😂

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jeeves19 in reply to Dap1948

That’s very interesting Daffers and no as I am expecting a signed copy from the author this Christmas 🤶😊

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Dap1948 in reply to jeeves19

Email me your address and it will be done 🥳🥳

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jeeves19 in reply to Dap1948

Coo ta Daffers:

😊 x

Backwards… sideways …. Tippy toe….heels …. I do it all !!!!The absolute best tho … being in water !

I must be a mermaid 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️

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laglag in reply to Cbgs

Tippy toes all the time! ha!

Thanks Jeeves, will file that away in my shrinking brain..... when I'm finishing a walk and turning 'off' I put my arms out to the side and make small circles like we used to do in gym class calisthenics, same principle as above with the other walking techniques.

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jeeves19 in reply to eschneid

My pleasure 🙏

I think we should each contribute to and then upload a compilation video with all of our weird walks which help us get from A to B! I think that would be a great way to educate people on gait issues in Parkinson’s.

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Oceanwind in reply to Oceanflow

… and to the compilation video use the Lou Reed’s song “A walk on the wild side”😁

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jeeves19 in reply to Oceanflow

After you………. .😂

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