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Parkinson's Movement
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Can an old head injury be confused with Dystonia or Parkinsons?

My husband had a head injury 35 years ago, and we were doing fine, but recently his walking has deteriorated - (difficulty in telling the right leg to go forward). His neuro-physiotherapist says its Dystonia. Now after seeing a urologist, he says its Parkinsons. Our GP says nothing! Should we be following up on doing something about either Dystonia or Parkinsons? Or are the symptoms similar and really down to Head Injury? Confused of Uckfield!

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Parkinson’s disease (PD) is explained through animation. The video focuses on five main factors: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and the pathology of Parkinson’s disease.


You can have dystonia on it's own, and you can have PD with or without dystonia. You should ask your GP to refer you to a Neurologist specialising in movement disorders. S/he will be able to check for the many other possible symptoms of PD.


Yes, thank you, I will go to te GP


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