Nicotine patches

Have anyone heard about therapy by nicotine patches ?

The protocol was invented like 10 years ago by a French neurologist, Dr Gabriel Villafane, working in a university hospital near Paris.

Numerous patients are extremely happy with it, say it's remarkably efficient, but the other neurologists in the same renowned university hospital say... it simply does not work.

Any idea, opinion, information ?

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  • Nicotine acts as a mild Agonist

  • I didn't know that. Thank you. The rationale behind the nicotine protocol is rather complicated.

  • Have a hobby, target shooting. Not like i used to be, a real challenge to compensate for tremor. Tried nicotine patch for a few times and it helped with aiming and trigger squeeze smoothness but I do not advocate it as a day to day therapy choice as it contributed to dizziness, hence, an increased risk of tripping and falling getting hurt. My opinions are my own do not let me stop you from experimenting.

  • Thank you, it won't :-)

    It takes up to a year (at least 6 month) for the protocol to work. It begins at very low doses.

  • Nicotine contains MOA like azilect. I have heard of people being happy with this treatment but only second hand info. Peppers, tomatoes and potatoes all also contain the same stuff, peppers especially.

    I don't think any medical professional will tell you that anything containing nicotine is good, even if it is!

    Will be interested to know how you go!

  • Hi Astra7 !

    I'm trying mannitol at this time. Won't mix the two.

    One of my friends has not decided for himself yet. We have to find out the best protocol, since Dr Villafane is not allowed to prescribe it any more. And then go for it.

    By the way, nicotine is supposed not to be a carcinogen by itself.

  • When I mentioned nicotine patches to my pharmacist sister she was horrified! I'll ask her for more info.

  • There was a peer-reviewed publication about toxicity of nicotine transdermal patches : no problem up to 90 mg a day for 14 weeks.

    Six patients with advanced idiopathic PD received increasing daily doses of transdermal nicotine up to 105 mg/day over 17 weeks.

    European Journal of Neurology 2007, 14: 1313–1316

  • Eggplant as well. I am unable to tolerate nicotine in any dose.

  • I have an old friend who was certain he was kind of allergic to most vegetables... until the day he went organic. It all stopped : his guess is he was allergic to some pesticide.

    Just my two cents.

  • I too have found that I am allergic to pesticides.

  • Can't say a single nice thing abooout pesticides either. Unfortunate us born in the 20th century, believing in "better living through chemistry" and suffering debilitating disease from all the wonderful neuro-toxins on our food. Thanks chemistry!! :(

  • MMMM Neuro-toxins

  • They are not new diseases though.

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