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Improve movement and reactions

I've been diagnosed nearly 4 years. I started playing tent similar time. I have a problem with slow reactions some of the time. Also my brain says go but my legs don't go. So now and then I may fall over. Any ideas what could help. Don't say knee pads and helmet. I've thought of this. Lol. Ps. All, keep being positive , try to keep moving as much as possible. Try laughing , find something you enjoy.

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Tent? Do you mean tennis?


Yes sorry I did.


I thought maybe you did. Hopefully you have read the post and replies to "Anyone hear of this therapy group?" It talks about "Delay the Disease." and Nancyclist recommends Pedaling for Parkinson's, Dance for PD, Rocksteady Boxing,. I think any of these could help you with tennis, but have not personally done any of them.


No only play lots of tennis.


Only thing I'm doing is tennis really. I used to be pro. Boxer years ago. I have got a skipping rope. It may be a good idea to use.

Ref. Tennis , I find my leg kind of shakes or twitches and I want to move but just can not get leg to do anything. This is occasualy. If you can recommend anything further I'd appreciate .

I've just ordered a inversion table. I heard a couple of comments that this is helpful.


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