Jaw & facial (left side) tremor

I have been diagnosed with PD for almost 5 years & have had minimal tremor!! As a consequence of change in medications (including a heavy metal detox program) I have started to jaw tremor - all the time; worst scenario is the tremor disturbs & depletes my sleep patterns Used to get solid 6hr sleep - now barely get 3hrs!! Are there "assured" programs for reducing/halting such tremors? Thank you!!

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  • Just to relate, i notice my jaw tremoring when I shave and yawn now. What was your change in medication?

  • Thank you!! Primarily the heavy-metal detox programs - MCMAF; Manna (DocFlowers) & LifeGarden Clarity! Have a few weeks to go!!

  • In fact , it is a misery medical occurrence condition which is associating with a medication you took before and altered it . In terms of medications Often for tremor it takes for Anticholinergics drug to reduce the involuntary movement of the muscles in a parkinsonion patient . But also it takes amantadine for prominent tremor or bothersome levodopa-induced dyskinesia . Actually so far in alternative therapy you can do includes exercise , nutritional approach and positive attitudes with free from stress .

    Note : Inform your doctor any new occurrence and your history of medications with the specific condition you complaint then he will exam the areas whether involve drugs or not .

    Hope you well .

  • Thank you!! Am doing John Pepper Fast-Walk every 2nd. Day; yoga; Ayurveda Diet & Massage! Daily stretches & strength work - was a PE Teacher & swim coach & Psychologist - "practice what you preach"!!

  • Diagnosed in June of 2014, and also have minimal tremors. I also have the "jaw" tremor, and my teeth chatter, but have discovered a solution . . . get one set of those soft clear plastic mouth pieces that are meant to whiten teeth with . . . they install right over your teeth . . . use only the top or bottom piece, so when your teeth chatter, you don't feel it - your mouth is closed. I obtained mine from my dentist. I sleep great these days.. . .

  • Thank you - will talk to my dentist - although do not have much of a teeth chatter!!

  • I chew gum for a while....relaxes muscles. I can actualy hear muscles clamping on bones.....don't have tremors unless I place weght on lower lip....like a coffee cup.

  • On advice from GP used to push my tongue between teeth & this would stop tremor; but at night I couldn't hold my tongue so used a baby' s dummy - that worked for about a year - not now! I have had 3 tremors - Parkinson; atrial fibrillation & essential benign tremor!! The dummy would stop EBT!!! Current tremor seems more Parky than EBT!!

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