Something Happened

I had just finished breakfast, pills, my usual routine. Suddenly I was overwhelmed by this wonderous feeling of joy. I tried to explain it to myself in rational terms. I couldn't. It just kept on coming. My wife was upstairs and I was hoping she wouldn't come down and get scared.

I began to cry. It was a mess. The dog was whining. I hadn't had such a feeling for a long, long time, way, way before PD.

After several minutes, I went upstairs and sure enough, my wife got scared. I was reminded of the saying, "Don't try this at home."

It subsided.

My brain seeks an explanation so it can happen again. I'm not going there. An explanation would cheapen the experience.

Simply, it Happened!


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  • Sounds like a "glimpse" of your soul or of God, The Hindus say that God has three primary attributes: Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss, or Sat-Chit-Ananda. The soul, as a fragment of God, has the same qualities, but to a more Iimited extent. The Lord graced you with an experience of Ananda. I don't think that saying this cheapens it, or I would keep my mouth shut. It goes without saying that such an experience is "too wonderful for words." Tears of joy running down the face is the most eloquent response.

  • Enjoy it don't ask why.

  • Hello @Fjohnt, I had a similar experience just recently and I entered in my notebook on the morning of January 19th, "a very good night... but who can explain it?" . Like you I chose not to try and explain the unexplicable and perhaps it will happen again...

  • happened to me too, in November.Suddenly overwhelmed, I fell to my knees sobbing, with tears of deep gratitude, for all I have been blessed with (despite pd). unexplainable and extremely precious.

  • Scientifically...... Your brain is a marvelous psychic tool. Your job is to enjoy the ride. When you are in balance and your Qi is equal, many things can be accomplished. Live life on it's terms.

  • This might interest you: Jill Bolte Taylor: My stroke of insight | TED Talk |

    Or her book - very positive about strokes.

  • Than You! I am always eager for Ted Talks.

  • GRACE. Regard it from the spiritual perspective of your choosing. It has its own agenda, perhaps a reminder to seek out ways to be more joyful in your everyday life.

  • Hope it happens to me. I haven't cried in years! It would feel great if I could.

  • Hi Ginny,

    Thank you for your open response. The cries of Joy comes in many forms.


  • That's a wonderful surprise , maybe God stopped by, enjoy whatever it was, for with PD don't happenoften

  • Maybe just gas

    (Meant to be humor, not cynical

  • dopamine is a pleasure center, drugs deplete it...or pd..... and it has a reuptake action that is impaired by drug abuse....something like that.

  • How fascinating! Any upped med doses, recently?

  • The source of the feeling was not medicinal.

  • I ask only because I'm trying to figure out my own gig. It happens to me too. Before I made a firm commitment to --holding on--every time, I used to fall a lot. I refuse, simply by power of decision, any chemical pain reliever, so the people with needles will never find anything but PD meds in my system, and Diet Coke. The short version is, and if I have a compulsion, it is droning on and on... My Neurologist warned me that I may exhibit compulsive behavior with my upped CL dose. And sure enough, every once in awhile euphoria sets in and every idea turns into The Sermon on the Mount that MUST be shared. When my carriage abruptly turns back to a pumpkin and I come down from my visit with the angels, , I read back what I wrote.

    Good Grief

  • I didn't read any kind of droning. I did have to get into my reserve hard drive.

    Thanks for the reply which I am almost through reading.



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