Hi everybody, about 5 days ago I got my 5 kilos of mannitol and started taking it. If you want more information on it click on the link above. You can join their trial provide some of the information for their study. You can also look up #ranico posts.

I will keep everybody informed what is happening. I believe it takes at least 2 months to see any results. I have started on Zandopa again

Mannitol doesn't seem too bad, I do have some bloating and little bit of cramping. It is helping with constipation. I got the Mannitol on Amazon for a really good price. 5 kilos for about $70.

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed Mary

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  • I've started too (about 2 weeks ago). One level tablespoon of mannitol in my morning coffee.

    Nothing to report yet.


  • Parkie13, What is the daily dose of mannitol you are taking? And how did you settle on this amount?

  • I read 170lbs use tablespoon.

    I'm 145 so I use a little bit less.

    Can't find the article but it said if use too much it didn't work .

    They experimented with different amounts

  • Has it made a difference ?

  • According to the CliniCrowd website, the recommended daily dose for a 70 kg person is 10 grams (1 tablespoon). For a 90 kg person, the recommended daily dose is approximately 15 grams.

    Unfortunately, I think you have to complete an initial survey on the CliniCrowd website before you get to see the dosage information.

    I'm 55 kg and I've opted for 1 level tablespoon per day, keeping in mind that mannitol is just a sugar and it is designated by the FDA as a food (GRAS - Generally Regarded As Safe).


  • that is right have no wifi for 2 more days

  • Jeff and Parkie, Thank you much for the dose info.

  • Jeff, any improvement?

  • I've been taking mannitol for about 2 months. I think my tremor (my main symptom) has improved a little, and I think I'm sleeping a little better too.

    The mannitol might also be slowing the progression of the disease, but that will only be evident after a much longer period of time.

    I'm keen to carry on for many more months, and to continue being an active participant in the trial.

  • That is really great.

  • How are you doing? Any improvement with mannitol ?

  • The only Improvement I have noticed is with constipation, it has gotten better. Otherwise I haven't seen any Improvement, I am still taking it.

  • Any update on how mannitol is helping ?

  • I've been taking mannitol for 6 months. I've also been taking N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) for 3 months. I've also been doing 40 mins of high-cadence cycling every day for more than 12 months.

    Things have been going really well for the past few months. How much of this can be attributed to mannitol, and how much to NAC (or the combination of both!), is not clear to me.

    Mannitol might also be neuroprotective. This is something that is best measured over a period of years, rather than a period of months.

    Putting a tablespoon of mannitol in my morning coffee each day is not very difficult, so I plan to keep going with the trial at least until my current stock of mannitol is used up (late next year).

  • That's great . My mom is also taking NAC - and some other anti-oxidants . Given mannitol is a source of sugar - does it make people put on weight ? I am trying for mom to get her weight under control - I think its the immobility which is responsible for that - but wondering about mannitol.

  • I don't know about other people, but in my case, mannitol has had no effect on my weight.

  • I am taking mannitol with liposomal gluthione - I think you might need to take them both for the full impact. I agree that exercise is also very important.

  • How is mannitol working for you at this time?

  • I have stopped taking it, never saw anything positive except for better constipation relief

  • At this time (in my 8th month), everything is going really well. However, I am not able to attribute this to any particular medication, supplement, or exercise (if you click on my name you can see all my medications, supplements, and exercises).

    For me, the CliniCrowd mannitol trial is more about long-term disease progression, rather than short-term symptomatic relief. Hopefully, a few hundred PwPs around the world will stick with it for at least a year or two. Hopefully, that will generate some meaningful data.

  • Yes, it is worthwhile to see.

  • I received my mannitol order the day before Thanksgiving and started dosing Thanksgiving day Nov 24, 2016. For the first week I took one teaspoon once per day with coffee or tea. After a week I doubled the dose. Today, Dec 12, I took one teaspoon with morning tea and will have another teaspoon with afternoon tea. I've been having significant off time almost 50% of the time. After seeing my neuro, a movement disorders specialist, he put me on Amantadine. I started that on Nov 27. I took the 100 mg capsule once per day for a week, then went to two capsules per day o/a Dec 5. Amantadine enhances and extends the carb levo I've been on for 4+ years. My neuro also upped my carb levo dosage.

    My dosing schedule was 3 oral dissolving tablets (ODT) at 5 am, 2 1/2 tablets at 9 am, 1 pm and 5 pm, 1-2 tablets at 8-9 pm, and one extended release tablet (50/200 mg) at bedtime. The ODTs are 25/100 mg carbadopa levodopa. My new schedule is 3 ODTs at 5 am, 11 am and 5 pm. 2 1/2 tabs ODTs at 8 am, 2 pm, 2 ODTs at 8-9 pm and one ER tab at bedtime.

    So what's been going on?

    Unbelievable results! I have zero off time and have cut back on my carb levo dosage too. Is this the result of the Amantadine or Mannitol or both! I do realize the placebo effect could muddy things. But to be almost symptom free? Also my sleep apnea, which has really been a killer, is much improved. This was starting to improve before my mannitol and Amantadine use. The ER tablet was a necessity at bedtime so I could sleep and get out of bed in the morning. The last week, at least three nights I haven't taken it. Something is working!

  • It's great to hear about your tremendous improvement!

    I don't think anyone could know at this stage whether it was the mannitol, amantadine, carb/levo increase, the placebo effect, or some combination of these.

    If I was you I would probably just enjoy the tremendous improvement for a while before trying any more experiments. This would also test whether the improvement is persistent, which is an experiment in itself.

  • I've had this persistent severe sleep apnea, which seems to be improving. The sleep improvement was underway before I started mannitol. I really really doubt, that all this improvement is due to one factor. You are right, let's see where I am a month or more down the road! I'll post periodically. I left out another med I'm on, selegiline 5 mg two times a day. No changes on that.

    We are all on this journey together. I am always hopeful, and will fight this dreaded disease until there's a cure. Take care and keep moving!

  • Has mannitol helped you ?

  • Hi, I would say not except constipation is better. I am still taking it on and off.

  • I stopped taking mannitol in January due to some fainting spells that just started up. Didn't know what was the cause. All my PD meds cause a drop in blood pressure. I think the Amantadine was responsible. After cardio did his thing EKG, stress tests all my Drs agreed it was the meds. I resumed mannitol in March. After a month, sadly I saw no improvement. Placebo effect highly possible. I don't know. I stopped all mannitol in early April.

    Originally in November 2016 I was supposed to go on tasigna. This is the drug that the Georgetown U team has in a phase 2 study. I had a Dr who was going to prescribe it off label. No neurologist in the Albany NY area would follow me. I have a neuro now and expect to be on tasigna in a month. I'll post when that happens. There's initial and periodic blood work and EKGs required for tasigna use. That's being set up now.

    Take care and keep moving.

  • I'm taking Nilotinib too. I'm surprised a US doctor would prescribe it. Have you started? I'd like to compare notes with you. Have you read about it? It can be a dangerous drug if you're not careful.

  • Yes, periodic ECGs and blood work is required. Only on it for three weeks. Way to early to say if it's working or not. I'm told not to expect results until after four months. I won't post until I see verifiable results. Yes I'm all for comparing notes with you.

  • I saw a video 2 days ago where Dr. Moussa said they saw some results after 8 weeks. I'll look for the link for you. What is your dose?

  • The following interview is about mannitol and PD:

    Medical Food to Stop the Progression of Parkinson's Disease

  • Hi, thank you for posting. It has been 2 weeks I have not noticed any changes. My intestinal discomfort is gone no more bloating or gas. Still keeping my fingers crossed. Mary

  • Hi! I started on Mannitol 2 weeks ago, too. So far all I got is a lot of gas and the hershey squirts! Anxious to start seeing results!

  • Hi any positive results I think we both started at the same time. Except for constipation is better but otherwise nothing to report

  • What's the best place to buy Mannitol?

  • You can try Amazon or go to

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