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Hi, This may be my last post. It is coming to the point I will have to start looking for a nursing home (private care) for Mom. If you are in the early stages or any stage of Parkinson's disease, Please Please Please get on Mannitol. No, it will not cure the disease but it has amazing prolonged my Mom's life. In reality I should have lost her already. And when I transfer her to private care I will continue to give it to her. My only regret is we didn't know about it sooner. She started taking it October 2017. Parkinson's is a horrific disease and the symptoms themselves can kill you. Mannitol will give you a better quality of life and prolong your life while your going through it. Love and prayers to all.

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thanks for your advice, however like many other treatment, it works for some and useless for others. See the people feedback on subject in different posts

Love and prayers to you, too. Hang in there. Let us know how you're getting on. x

I have it, but haven't started using it...can you tell me what PD issues it may have helped your mom with so far ?

Take care of yourself, I've been where you are....I always treated myself to something small in the food category when things got ice cream : )

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Last year around this time I saw Mom was really starting to slip away. She couldn't talk. Swallowing was so hard that I had to buy the ninja blender and blend everything up for her along with her pills. And I had to feed her. She couldn't write anymore. I started giving her Mannitol October 2017 because that is when I first heard about it and I was desperate. I am so glad I did because through the months that have gone by every issue has been corrected. The problem we have is with her mobility. She has become a 2 person lift and I just can't do it anymore. But I really believe she would be gone by now if I hadn't started her on it. That's why I recommend people to take it. I know it is not a cure but I will take what it has to offer. It's a slow process. Some people quit taking it because they want fast results and some have to actually wait a year before they see real results. And there is still hope that it might give Mom more help but I will take what it gives us. The sooner you start taking it the better. I've heard people say they have regressed back if they skip couple of days. So you have to be consistent. And everyone is different. I give Mom 1/2 Tablespoon 3 times a day in her food. And yes, I love ice cream :)

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Thank you for your post and I wish you all the very best - please let us know how Mum is going. Suffering Socks.

Thanks for the post. Prayers for you amd mom.

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