Ugh -- embarrassment!

I took my granddaughters to the movies to see Muana (Great movie for kids!) and while watching a got a sudden urge to use the bathroom. So I told the kids just to stay while I run to the bathroom (Yeah right run...hahaha). Any way making my way down the line to get to the walk way I lost my balance and feel in a lady's lap. No one hurt. She was very gracious and I was very apologetic and we both laughed....but OH MY LORD I was so embarrassed.

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  • Has anyone noticed that when the Cd/ld wears off I can drink some beer and feel whole again. In fact, the only time I feel 'normal' is with a small amount of an alcoholic beverage. Has anyone noticed that? Let me assure everyone I am not now nor ever had uncontrollable urge for alcohol or addiction. Why do you think alcoholic beverages work for me?

  • Maybe it helps reduce anxiety?

  • Certainly.

  • Yes, I have that experience. Wish it was alright to just drink beer all day long. Getting tipsy is tantamount to raising one's dopamine level.

  • Loss of bladder control is a symptom I am not ready for. When we took our last vacation I expressed my concerns about the flight and my Dr. recommended adult diapers. NOT READY FOR THAT.

  • The brain prioritises bodily functions, unfortunately bladder function is quite low. As a consequence, Parkinson's patients get a message without warning to go to the toilet. One of the solutions is to go at regular intervals, when you don't think you need to. This may be a bit of a pain, however it is better than wearing incontinence pads. Although, incontinence is a wider problem than people realise, not just within the Parkinson's community. It is not a subject that people can discuss freely, because of the embarrassment.

  • My husband has dealt with bladder problems for the last three years. He had prescriptions and depends. He would get up seven or eight times a night. Finally , someone told me about an external catherter. It has been a God send for both of us. We can sleep through the night . We can also go shopping without having to locate a men's room every half hour. Very easy to use and my husband says it is comfortable.

  • I have had to deal with it for many years. I went to a urologist and he said I'm not emptying my bladder complete? Don't understand what that has to do with it, but this was years ago and I just now have been diagnosed with PD. I've been wearing protective garments since 2006.

  • I like the term protective garment. Makes me feel like I am wearing a suit of armor.

  • That's what I call being caught between a rock and a hard place. You need to hurry because you need to use the bathroom and avoid a possibly even bigger embarrassment, but, let's face it, we don't do too well hurrying anymore. I like what Hal said about this, that it's like our brains throw a circuit breaker. I'm glad no one was hurt and please know that you are not alone in this conundrum.

  • That's a classic! You must have been mortified. It's sweet that you both laughed.

    Can men do Kegel exercises? They really pay off. You tense that sphincter-like muscle around the urethra. I do 26 whenever think about it (a habit I developed during my second pregnancy, recommended by Dr. Bradley in his book on natural childbirth).

  • There are two different types of urinary incontinence: STRESS & URGE.

    Because the muscles of the pelvic floor on a women are over stretched out during labor and delivery which may lead, later on in life , to urinary stress incontinence. Kegel exercises are to tone the muscles up the overstrech muscles of the pelvic floor. Men, and women that have not had vaginal birth, as a rule do not have stress incontinence.

    Urge incontinence is do to some bladder problem and more related to aging. I do not know why, since Dx with pd, I have urge incontinence, that when I have to go I have to go; urological work up is negative, I know that's part of symtomatolgy of pd. I understand constipation but not incontinence

  • You are so right. At least for women they are essential and make s huge difference- especially after childbirth when I discovered that incontinence physios were a thing! They never tell you this before childbirth...

    I do them in the shower which gives me an excuse to take a long one.

  • The problem with going more often is that your bladder capacity will gradually diminish and then you are back to square one. Okay as a temp.solution. There are pills for urgency but I try to do without in the interests of keeping the pill count as low as possible. (italics arrived themselves )

  • But you have to put up with side effects of the pills. I rather program myself to Pee every 1 to 2 hours needing or not. The last thing i do when leaving my house or any establishment is emptying my bladder

  • I can understand how awful that must have been, but at least the theater was dark:)

  • Good point!

  • Hi Theresa,

    You could have been more embarrassed, though it probably didn't seem so at the time. You might have emptied your bladder (happened to me on a railway station platform) in England. Fortunately I had a change of clothes with me OR the 2 occasions I have frozen when on the toilet in public places. Fortunately 1 was the ladies in our local pub & I asked for help from my husband via a stranger through the locked door & 1 was at the hospital where I was rescued by a nurse using the same method.

    The joys of PD!

  • I never ever go any place (not even to my kitchen) without a protective garment on.

  • I have been dealing with urinary urgency and frequency for years now. I find that the pain medication I take for my Parkinson's related back pain seems to make the situation worse. When I read your post my first thought was how wonderful that you were able to take your granddaughters to the movies. I find that spending time with my grandchildren is the most rewarding thing I can do. I have had my awkward moments with them because of Parkinson's disease but the enjoyment of spending time with them more than offsets any negatives. I don't remember the last time I sat through a movie from start to finish without having to run to the bathroom.

    On a side note, someone asked if men can kegel. A friend of mine recently had prostate surgery. Part of his physical therapy was doing just that to regain control of his bladder.

  • That may happen to men who have had supra pubic prostatectomy with probable injuries to the pelvic floor muscles

  • Wow I expected a lot of silence when I brought up the subject. It is frustrating because you do not feel the onset, just the I have to go now all of a sudden.

  • I have had more than one person fall in my lap while I was in my wheelchair, people just turn around when you are behind them. I have also been burned by peoples cigarettes that they swing down from their mouth, or hold at their side.

  • Ooooo sorry about that.

  • If it was me we would both be very wet that would be very embarrassing.

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