Christmas Smells!

Every year I get Christmas Tree branches for free from where they sell Christmas trees and use them to decorated my house. I started this many years ago and use to truly enjoy the smell of the pines in the house. Well needless to say for years now I have not been able to smell the branches. Yesterday I once again went to picked up some branches and as I walked into where the Christmas trees were I COULD SMELL THE PINES! OMG it was/is fantastic. I started on Sinement and Azilect in August. I'm ecstatic. I got more branches than usual and today my granddaughters and I are going to do the decorations.

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  • Congratulations, that is one of my dearest memories. The house smelling of pine. So we bought an artificial tree Friday.

  • Actually my tree is also artificial I just put real branches around as decorations because my husband does not want a real tree. Doesn't make much sense to me actually.

  • I am remembering a time when my mom and step dad where out tree shopping and I just was basking in the smell of pine. All of a sudden he takes off. I figured he was locked on to the perfect tree so I gave pursuit. The closer I got the faster he went. All of a sudden I was in a toxic miasma. He saw the look on my face as one smell was substituted for another. He almost fell down laughing.

  • Fantastical story! Excuse my dullness, but who was the "he" who "takes off"?

  • My Stepfather. His gas could curl the hair in your nose. Sometimes a loss of smell has its advantages.

  • So funny!

  • Oh, he was like those old jalopies that backfire!

  • Men!!

  • It sure is nice when things reverse, even if it's just for a day. I'm glad the drugs you're on are helping you get back a bit of yourself. :-)

  • Theresa

    I can relate to this. i was dx June 2015 and recently started taking madopar.

    I now am beginning to smell things again and its wonderful. Until it happens to you, you cant explain what an experience it is.

    Hope the christmas decorations give you a joy and peace.

    Regards Denise

  • Thank you Deat. This season so far has been very pleasant. I hope the same for you and all the folks here.

  • Isn't it a lovely surprise when this sense of small comes back.

    My neuro seemed surprised when I mentioned I could once again smell the roses in my garden after I started sinemet. I still can't small the gas from my cooker (UK gas supply adds a smell to what is essentially odourless) and awoke to a knock on the door one morning to find the neighbours had called the emergency service. Narrow escape.

    With much difficulty managed to tract down a detector for the home gas supply.. Most are for carbon monoxide or chemicals..

    On the plus side I am spared any kind of sewage farm odours.

  • One plus from having no sense of smell (and a very very limited sense of taste)...... Wife can (fluff) the sheets and I don't even notice! hehehe

    It's hard to explain but I believe my brain reproduces things when I know they are there. Like wet dirt after a spring rain, or cut grass when I hear a lawnmower. I taste normally bland things by texture (mashed potato) etc. Toast with jam is subject to my wife telling me what flavor the jam is. All coffee and espresso tastes the same......

    Believe it or not a good full bodied cigar does help "enlighten" my senses some. Otherwise eating is just another life sustaining activity.

  • It's interesting but I experienced that last night. My wife's sister made Turkey soup last night and I noticed how much creamier it was compared to my wife's. It tasted the same but how did you get it so creamy? " Dressing "

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