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Autoimmune diseases and functional medicine episode 1 introduction


Watched the episode, link above. Worthwhile 90 minutes. Parkinson's is an autoimmune disease, cause could have been allergen,microbe or toxin. They will be getting into specifics of what we can do in the next episodes.

Where I live there is one functional medicine doctor, he is not accepting any new patients.


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Hi Mary,

My understanding is that it is still WAY premature to claim that generic Parkinson's is an autoimmune disease. If you google "autoimmune Parkinson's" you will fetch up very few scientific studies to confirm that idea; the research on this hypothesis is just barely getting started. Here is one recent example where the door has been opened just a crack on the autoimmune idea.:


It is of limited significance because the research focused on mutated Parkin and PINK1 genes, which we sporadic Parkees (the vast majority of PwP) by definition do NOT have. As neurologist and professor Jon Stoessl cautions "It should be remembered that these are rare causes of Parkinson's disease and the relevance to dominantly inherited and sporadic forms of disease remains to be determined.”

So, please don't get your hopes up: those autoimmune videos may be entertaining and educational, but this early in the game, they will not be able to offer anything both truthful and weighty regarding generic Parkinson's. (Bailey nailed it when he called it "another dog and pony show.")



Hi, thank you for writing. I wish I was smarter and I knew ,this is not being facetious. Above article mentions Lewy bodies that is kind of interesting. Mary


You are doing fine, keep writing and contributing , wishing and hoping. There are some very interesting people here , some a little weird , but that just may be the PD. Time for some new youthful enthusiasm , got any?



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Very interesting read

23 day Parkinsons cycle.

Dr. Janice Walton Headlock DAOM wrote books on Parkinson's and Parkinson's medications . I just revisited the Publications and all I could find was a footnote on 23 days cycle. She must have changed something and took out the story of how her colleagues alerted her to psychological and physical cyclic nature of her pd patients . And according to them, yes all the Parkinson's patients have the same cycle.

I noticed myself that my physical and mental attitude is following the 23 day cycle. Of course having Parkinsons I'm very suggestible.



There is a strong association of Parkinson's with prior exposure to insecticides, especially household "flea bombs". Details here: tinyurl.com/zjrxe49

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Very informative article thank you. I am assuming that people would use insect bombs more in the southern part of the United States. Do you have any number information of Parkinson's cases between north and south of us? Mary


Do not have that data, and there are other factors such as pet ownership which would lead to more flea bomb usage. Better to compare to some area where they don't have insecticides at all - maybe outback Nepal HImalayas where villages are only reachable on foot. Be that as it may, the existing data is clear enough. I believe I got my PD from permethrin exposure. Glad you found the article informative : - )


I go to my local hospital and meet with a Movement Disorder Specialist who is 150 miles away, via computer video network. He is in his office at home and watches me walk etc and we discuss, I see him from the waste up and often wonder if he is wearing any pants. Maybe you can access such a system.

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