Got my disability first try. Woo Woo

With back pay.

Party tonight

How i applied

Called Social Security set up phone interview a month in advance. They had wrong so missed that call. Called again set a time a month later. Call came this time. Very pleasant lady took my info and ask questions for about 30 minutes. Told me it would take 3 to 6 months to get answer. Got notice to go see 2 doctors but they canceled them when they received all my records. Have not received any paper work just reviewed my information on line. The back pay is already in the bank. I was already receiving Social Security benefits so they direct deposit it in my account. Took 3 months 4 days from first call i made. They outsource the review process here in Texas. I think that is why it was so quick. I received 9 months of back pay. It was just the amount over what i was receiving. I retired at 62 and the amount i receive is the same as i would get if i waited until i was at full retirement at 66 and i will get it until i die or until we (almost said they) run out of money.

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  • congratulations, me next me next.

  • Congrats! Social Security turned me down for 2 years; it finally went before a judge who granted me total disability. Talk about back pay!

  • my case went on for 4 years and went all the way to the 9th circuit court of appeals in California.... crazy .. yes back pay is great... but I worked 27 years and paid in a lot of $ and my employers all matched my contribution.

  • you don't have to be totally disabled. i am not. i just can't do my job.

  • Yeah! Way to go. I just started mine this month too but they were right on 6 months sound back pay

  • I am very happy for you Bailey. You have blessed so many pwp, including myself, with your positive and encouraging down to earth attitude.

    Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating.

  • Thanks

  • What are talking about? Disability sign for parking? Or something else ?

    Sorry about my ignorance here!



  • Disability payments from Social Security.

  • disability .... not being able to work anymore... federal disability administered by the social security administration.... in order to get SS income you have to be disabled and not able to do any work (job). You have to prove you are disabled even if you paid in for many years... and it is actually your own money !

  • SS either retirement or disability is NOT your own money, yes you have paid insurance premiums to receive it for years as have employers, but it is not your own personal account or money.

    It would be nice if people understood that. That being said, I don't agree with the hoops they make you jump through to get disability approved or that you usually have to hire a lawyer in order to get it approved.

  • I'm 66 years old and while I was paying into SS and working all those years I WAS promised it would be there for me... I was in essence paying into my retirement ! sorry, but that is the obvious lie I and all my co workers was told !

  • Congrats! I was lucky too! First time around. There is no way I could maintain a full time job anymore, but I sure am fortunate and I am so happy for you!

  • I am so happy for you Bailey. Any big plans for the extra money? I would take a trip, but that's just me.


    Do you have any advice on how "disabled" one needs to be to qualify? When I've read the website it makes it sound as if ability to stand up from a chair without help, and to stand/walk without a cane or walker means one would NOT qualify as disabled enough to qualify.

  • I got because i was not able to do my job. They can not make you accept a lower position. My son worked with a surgeon who was allergic to latex and he got it till he could be retrained in another job.

    read this it should help

  • You do NOT need to be completely incapacitated. I am not able to do the kind of work I was trained for. It's ridiculous for anyone to conclude that because you could theoretically do a different kind of job given the training and appropriate health and agility you do not deserve disability payments. I have a friend, a lawyer who takes cases in which the disabled person was denied at their first go-round. She never charges her clients.

  • What is your secret Bailey, any tips for what to expect?

  • Nothing that would help.

  • Good news Bailey

  • Kudos you are so helpful for sharing the information and also the link which I just saw it, thank you

  • Disability?

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