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To the caregivers

Hi everyone I'm wondering if any one else is having this issue. My husband has CBD for 11years now. Is anyone else having trouble with his digestive system it has gotten very slow always feel full. I am wondering if there is any thing he can take that might have worked for anyone out there. Also are there anyone experiencing pain and burning in there feet?


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I have terrible burning in my feet and legs but it is a combination of diabetic neuropathy and Fibromyalgia. It is possible that it is something like that causing the pain he is having?

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follow the dr. orders if he has Rx for bowel disease. My spouse with that slow digestion problem secondary to MS benefits from occasionally going all liquid and using Dulco Ease stool softeners. During the all liquid phase she pushes apple juice (absorbitol is a natural softener in aples) and also eats a lot of jello. It can take a day or three.

The burning sensation of the feet, is it accompanied by coldness, swelling and bluish tinged skin. If that it the case it is probably terrible circulation and it could get serious. Just feels like burning but is actually a threat of loss of tissue from no circulation. Elevate his legs, use warming pads and gentle massages and flex his legs/ankles to encourage circulation. Call the doctor about it if his feet feel like they are burning but in fact they are very cold.


is he a diabetic?


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