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My mom is a 85 year old, who has been taking rytary for 3 months. She was hospitalized for low magnesium.Has anyone had a problem with any Parkinson's medication lowering their magnesium? I have learned with the health care providers that sometimes you have to be your own physician, especially with the elderly. She was brought in by ambulance to the ER with twitching and low blood pressure, the first words out of the ER doctor was her medication for Parkinson's is off, myself and her caregiver said NO there is something else going on. Lab work came back low magnesium levels . The physician ordered magnesium . On Monday magnesium was 2.0 today when suppose to be discharged 1.0, she is still in hospital. Maybe someone has similar problem. HELP

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  • Have you googled the problem. There is a list of medications and conditions that might cause this but Parkinson's and its meds are not amongst them.


  • Most of the population have low magnesium to some degree. We get little from our diet these days. I had low magnesium before I started medication. Many PwP supplement with magnesium. Magnesium malate is a good one, but stick to the recommended dose.

  • Years ago I aligned myself with an acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist. Problem solved on many levels!

  • Yes, low magnesium here. had it. have a functional dr who had given me 2 mag. IV infusions, felt so relaxing (a testament to its muscle relaxing effects!) I fell asleep with the IV going, both times (and I am not a 'napper'. my mag is still on the low side of normal, i take mag capsule 2x/day, mag helps tremendously with muscles/ cramping. i can't be without it. if i miss a day or 2, i feel it! mag takes a long time to build up levels. i also recently added mag oil, rubbing it on the soles of my feet before bedtime... they say mag helps with sleep, and it is absorbable thru the skin, so makes sense to me! good luck!

  • ok, i am back to report- i skipped my evening mag last night and actually had a horrifically painful calf & leg cramp in the night, wow, i was immediately & starkly reminded that i skipped my mag! won't do that again!

  • I have always been supplementing with magnesium. Some of the forms of magnesium are not very well absorbed by your body. I finally found something called magnesium orotate. You can buy it in capsule form, this last time I bought the powdered form that I just dissolve in water and drink it. Some of the Magnesium tablets and capsules can be very large size and uncomfortable to swallow.

  • Anti-acids such as omaprazol or Pantoprazol, etc block the absorption of magnesium, they also block the absorption of vitamin B12

  • My understanding is that we need to take a magnesium supplement daily.

  • I agree and have always done so, in the form of magnesium glycinate, also known as chelated magnesium.

  • poor eating habits can lead to low levels of electrolytes such as magnesium and potassium. Is she having any problems swallowing? Does she live alone? Does she prepare her own meals? Keep track of what and how much she eats. Try encouraging her to eat foods higher in magnesium. You can do a search and find lists of foods along with recipes.

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