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Off periods solution / remedy

Inhaled Version of Parkinson's Drug May Help Keep Symptoms At Bay

Levodopa pill can wear off, but a powdered version can come to the rescue, study finds.

"Off periods can be hugely disruptive to the lives of people with Parkinson's and their families," Lipp said. "Inhaled levodopa has the potential to help people with Parkinson's minimize these disruptions."

Dr. Michael Okun is the national medical director of the National Parkinson Foundation. "A delayed response for medications to kick in and start working is a huge issue for many of our patients who call the Parkinson's Foundation helpline," he said.

"The inhaled levodopa formulation could potentially help these people and we look forward to larger studies focused on people" who struggle with these off periods, Okun said.

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Thank you RoyProp for your comment and article on the "off" periods. My husband has been 21/2 years struggling with what we considered anxiety. As of lately we started realizing a pattern 2 - 3 hours after dosage of C/L and then after taking next dose about 1/2 hr to get relief. My husband has symptoms of extreme anxiety where his only relief has been to walk the time off. He never has had the motor symptoms during this off time just the anxiety that is why it was hard to distinguish between actual anxiety as the problem or a symptom of Parkinsons. The neurologist last visit which is every 4 months, (is it any wonder it has taken this long?) gave him added dose of C/L (10/100) one hour 2 X a day before his worst "off" periods. Which has helped immensely during the day. Now if we could get more help with sleeping. Goes to sleep around 9 falls asleep o.k. But wakes middle of night with anxiety symptoms and is unable to get back to sleep. I called the dr. But he didn't want to make too many changes at once. Personally it is another"off" period. Because he takes bedtime meds At 8 pm and then not again until 8 a.m. = 12 hours. Even though the 8pm dose is extended release way too long between doses. While I am commenting I have asked before I think, but does anybody else seem to have anxiety during "off" periods where your meds are wearing off vs. more common motor symptoms?

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Yes anxious, irritable , low mood when off.

Pam: Should depression and anxiety in Parkinson's be treated with drugs when it's impacting on the life of the patient?

Dr Chaudhuri: Anxiety is now regarded as one of the commonest and most troublesome symptoms of Parkinson's. Depression often accompanies anxiety.

The answer to your question is yes. Both need to be treated as soon as possible as this will lead to overall improvement in Parkinson's. 'Off' periods in particular may be linked to marked anxiety.

jogosm: I would like to know what advice to give to members who are experiencing severe anxiety symptoms. Is it appropriate to use all the usual techniques of relaxation and panic control, and how successful can people with Parkinson's expect this to be?

Dr Chaudhuri: Relaxation therapy certainly would be very useful in anxiety disorder as explained before, but if this is anxiety related to 'off' periods, then the dopamine therapy regime may need to be altered.

Treatment could be targeted to improvement of 'off' periods with longer acting dopaminergic drugs or anti-anxiety drugs or a combination.



Thank you for all the articles and info you supplied me with in your reply to me about my husband and anxiety, "off" periods, etc. This site continues to amaze me. I have learned so much more on this site than the short time he spends every 3-4 months with his neurologist. Again thank you all for all your help and info you share on this site! God Bless!

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