non-motor symptoms (pooop)

non-motor symptoms (pooop)

The above link takes you to the seller of a small stool similar to many available that are relatively inexpensive yet make a big difference in a persons well being. The stool sits in front of the toilet and raises the feet and places them to the side and back while you ponder the meaning of life.

It is understood that during man's millions of years of evolution that to defecate or urinate that this two legged walking upright animal squatted. Any one who has hunted in the forest knows this takes some skill . It is still done this way in many parts of the world over holes in the floor instead of sitting on a toilet. Studies , indicate that older people in these countries have less diverticulitis and urinary infections because the bowls and bladder empty more completely and easier. The invention of the water-closet , supposedly by a man named Crapper which we consider in the west as a great leap in civilization may be detrimental to our health. The millions of People living in India and Pakistan and many other places may know something we do not. (they may know a lot of things we do not). Constipation and incontinence , words feared by many and discussed by few in polite society may be improved by changing how you sit on the thunder mug. The position of the body , leaning slightly forward while on the Lew helps to get close to squatting and these little benches / stools raise the feet and place them to the side and back and get you as close to the position as you will on the throne. I can not think of any more names for a toilet except maybe potty or commode which of course is something that was kept under the bed and carried to the outhouse in my grandfathers time and is an entirely different thing.

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  • Perfect! A British accent AND unicorns. I'll take six¡


  • Hal-9000, thank you for my laughs that your response elicited from others that made me laugh out loud...several times. Humor, so good for the soul.

  • Hal you wouldn't be the actor who did the prince in the commercial, would you?

  • We use a small step designed for toddlers to stand on to reach sinks etc. It works very well. I suppose if I painted a unicorn on it might be even better.

  • I imagine any stool or bench that elevates the feet and creates the squatting body would do the job. Never saw much special about a Unicorn, just a horse with a horn, unless of course it makes ice-cream. Now a Pegasus, that would be a great thing to have, a horse with wings.

  • This sort of thing really does make a difference. I've got a little 2-step folding stepladder I've placed into service for the purpose. It's even got a convenient hanldebar across the top to hold on to.

  • yay! I pooped today!

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