I'm new here but a 53 year old male. Diagnosed 4 years ago. Experiencing resting tremors, speech, lose of smell, lack fine motors skills on a effected side, poor circulation on that side as well. Currently taking no prescribed meds only supplements that include Inosine, Creatine, Mucuna, Ginko.

Currently in a fitness class 2-3 times a week and do alot of running and trying to get into kick boxing to keep my dexterity from getting worse.

About to indulge in CBD oils as well as its been known to assist with tremors.

My question is.. Has anyone here tried CBD or a THC based oil for symptoms related to PD?

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  • Hi I have purchased the medipen with CBD oil, I find it does help with my tremor and relaxes me. It wasn't that expensive and the oil lasts quite a while, I use about twice a day. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for sharing

  • Sorry, what is CBD

  • I have found a DREAM STEAM product that I refer to as Parkie aspirin. I use it in conjunction with the meds I am on. Its good for relaxation, sleep, back pain abd spellling.

  • what is Dream Stream

  • Cannabis oil in a pen size vaporizer

  • Hi

    Is CBD Cannabis Oil? If so do you purchase it online?

  • would someone tell us what CBD stands for? thanks

  • It is cannabis without THC. It is more expensive since they have to remove the THC and only 10 percent is CBD. This strain was developed in California and is what children use for epileptic seizures. You do not get a high from CBD,

  • I've tried different kinds of things -- smoke, candy, throat spray. Hasn't helped me but I know it's helped a lot of other parkies with tremors.

  • My husband takes the THC tincture 2 drops at bedtime and he sleeps great, reduced tremors significantly and speech has improved. He highly recommends it.

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