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What I'm doing to stop Parkinson's disease

I'm from Italy and I live in Milano. I'm 66, married, no children. Some months ago, three neurologists gave me the same diagnosis: Parkinson disease. My problem was a difficulty in manual writing. I take rotigotine 4 mg every day. I also take curcumin and a homeopathic product, Gelsemium sempervirens . I read the book by Bianca Molle and I'm practicing Zhineng Qigong (mainly wall squattings ). I read also the book by John Coleman and, some weeks ago, I started doing the Bowen therapy. My homeopath and I are puzzled about the other product recommended by Coleman , the Aqua Hydration Formula . We are considering what to do .

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Google it..You can get it from an Australian company...


Personally, I'd recommend that you don't place all your hopes entirely in Coleman's ritualistic methods or similar voodoo-type remedies in hopes of avoiding the progression of a malady that has little tolerance for fantasy. Although diet and lifestyle - especially that which contains certain elements conducive to health like fresh organic foods, regular exercise, fresh air, healthy relationships, meditation, stress-free environment, etc., - can delay the onset of symptoms, the mere passage of time will ensure that you, like the rest of us with Parkinson's, will experience each of its various phases. Here is a good general-info link to natural remedies (page 3 of 5) that I've used to delay onset for a couple years, but I know that soon - unless there is progress with stem cell therapies - I too will need to start resorting to pharmaceuticals:

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how long have you extended resisting pharmaceuticals. do some people have more severe pd or does it just appear earlier in some people. I guess what I would like to establish is the lifespan of the disease,,,,,i guess it's determined by how much dopamine/neurons you start with.


It's been 2yrs since formal diagnosis but approx. 3yrs since an increasingly frequent tremor (starting in my left hand) began causing suspicion of PD. With the suspected causes of the disease being either environmental and/or genetics, the degree of severity of course will vary with each individual case. The disease itself is not the greatest threat to a lengthy lifespan, it's through complications like swallowing/throat issues that present the most likely cause of death to PwP (due to choking and aspiration pneumonia).

From MJF's website: "Most doctors say that Parkinson’s disease itself is not fatal. You die with Parkinson's disease, not from it. However, as symptoms worsen they can cause incidents that result in death. For example, in advanced cases, difficulty swallowing can cause Parkinson’s patients to aspirate food into the lungs, leading to pneumonia or other pulmonary conditions. Loss of balance can cause falls that result in serious injuries or death. The seriousness of these incidents depends greatly on the patient's age, overall health and disease stage."


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