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Hi every one I need some help. My dad has Parkinsons it very hard to see him get wores I feel like I see it more then any one. Iam only 25 and bin with him all most 4 years now. He gets headeaces, tired alot , he has tremors some days are wores then others, he has nightmares a lot , he gets sad alot you all know what I mean, he has a hard time getting around some times, his tummy hurst a lot, his balance is not so bad. He dose for get stuff alot . He his only 60 right now his dad passesd away at 80. I see try to help him the most I can. He say dose not need help yet. But I am really scared for him he has had it longer then i have bin with him. I cry a lot because I don't losses my rock. I am his baby girl lol. I know every one deals with it in other ways. I need some help.

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  • Thank you very much i just hope dose not get so bad i lose him.

  • Sounds like he needs to have his meds adjusted. When was his last visit to the doctor? What kind of doctor is he seeing - GP, neuro, or movement disorder specialist?

  • The meds make him sick so he can't take them any more

  • You need to get him to a Neurologist or a Movement Disorder specialist to figure out what meds he /can/ take. That is where you will find help. Parkinson's with no meds is NOT good.

  • He dose see one he sees him nexed Friday the have tryed the meds that get along with his others but they all make him sick I know he needs meds but he can't take them that is one resson I am scared.

  • Your dad and the doctor need to work together to figure out what meds he can take.

  • They do work togeather but the doctorer thinks some thing and my dad thinks the other way.

  • Hmm. You could ask him to come talk to us here. We are not doctors but if he's not seeing eye to eye with his MD maybe we could come up with some suggestions.

  • If the Meds are making him sick ask for him to go onto the patches no sickness with them

  • we have tried that too he has such a sensitive immune system. I fell so frustrated with this because not being able to take stuff for his Parkinson's because of his sensitive immune system.

  • Where are you in the world?

  • The united states

  • Is he seeing a specialist? How sudden is his change?

  • Yes he is It like other the couple of mothes I have seen it get a little wores he tell menot worry about but how can I not he is my dad I have only had in back in my life for 3 years

  • Jacki90

    Seems to methat your Dad is lucky to have your support. The book Goodbye Parkinson's, Hello Life by Alex Kertenand David Brinn, has an excellent Chapter on Caregiving. Recommend it.available on Amaon.


  • Thank u so much

  • Ask his neurologist if it's ok for him to exercise. Exercise is really good for Parkinson's. He should walk, bike or ? Just don't let him sit around and do nothing. Get him into a support group and you may need to go to one for Caregivers to help you cope with everything. Where do you live in the U.S.? I am 59 and have been doing boxing (non-contact) for over 9 years at a place called Rock Steady Boxing - and it helps a lot. Check with his neurologist and see if he/she has heard of Rock Steady. Take care and keep strong!

  • He walk some with me but not very far. He has had 2 knee surgery and a back surgery. We live in NE . so he really hard time getting around. It really hard for me to see hime like this. I cry some times. I am scared for him.

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