Going for walks

As of today I am back to walking in the morning. I did 1/2 mile this morning. I am exhausted but that is to be expected, I'll recover. I use to walk 2 miles a day religiously but over the last few years it has gotten less and less until this year when I stopped altogether. Now that I'm taking meds for the PD I think I can do my walks again at least a little.

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  • great

  • small steps, keep it up they add up.

  • Go for it

  • i'm too busy myself, been driving around with my new old washer in back of my van for three weeks. finally found and prevailed two burly guys to bring it into my basement yesterday. what a relief, I had no idea I was so stressed out about it. my exercise consists of going up and down stairs monitoring my machine catching up with laundry. someday I'll have the luxury of exercise.

    I have no experience with exercise for exercise sake, find it annoying, not sure how to handle this especially in this climate. for eg, we had a beautiful summer this year, blueberries and raspberries are plentiful, but it was 30 degree weather and -30and some, come winter.

  • Where do you live? That is some mighty cold climate.

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