My new Neurologist says try Azilect. I'm doing fine...but

So, now I've started being monitored by a renowned movement disorder doctor and he says I should switch from Sinemet to Rytary for longer periods of control. But first I have to take Azilect for a few weeks. I told them I was also using MP and other supplements and the Sinemet works better with them than with out them. He was aware of the benefits of everything I told him. I am taking the recommendation and I know Azilect is making a non-reversible change to my system. I trust this man and he doctor swears by it, not literally. Still will use MP in morning and evening and EGCG along with all my usual supplements. Today was the 4th small (.5 mg) dose of Azilect and i can't tell any difference. Still taking my normal 1/2 tab of C/L 25/100.

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  • Buzz1397,

    When I started taking Azilect, it seemed to help my typing. Before, I would tend to hold letters down longer & it would type duplicates, like: ddddebbbie rather than debbie I take 0.5 twice a day & have for several years. My doctor said it was fairly new at the time and, at that time, they thought it may slow the progression a bit.

  • I hope for slowing down of this darn PD myself. Hang in there laglag.

  • Why is azilect a non reversible change? My dr did not mention that. Apparently it was originally used as an anti depressant. I think it really helps but have only taken it for 8 weeks so far.

  • Thanks

  • I have never used azilect, just experimented with polygonum multiflorum, a natural MAO-b inhibitor. For the short period I used nominal doses of PM it seemed to work well. At the time I was using a lot of tyrosine and it should not be combined with MAO-i because of the blood pressure risk.

    As for Azilect, an MAO-b inhibitor, has an interesting history. MAO-i were originally developed to treat tuberculosis and when patients started to experience euphoria, MAOi were then tested for as a therapy for depression. In 1952 the word 'anti-depressant' was coined.

  • My OH takes Azilect at night, it seems most take it in the morning, but his specialist insists last thing at night???

    I know my OH went from full blown PD, he was in a terrible state, tremor, bent over, no emotions, expressionless, couldn't write, etc,etc,etc.

    When he was first dx the specialist said he could dx him when he seen him in the waiting room from just looking at him.

    The specialist had said he would get him back to 95% of himself within 12 months, and that's exactly what he did do.

    We owe so much to him, he has changed both our lives completely, he is a Neurologist and movement disorder specialist, and does work a lot within PUK.

    Don't get me wrong my husband has been streaky for 4 yrs now, but seems he may need meds upping on next visit, as he has started to get more exhausted in the afternoon, but nothing massive apart from that gas altered he's doing really well.

  • Sorry my husband isn't streaky lol that is steady, and he hasn't got gas that should be has lol xxx although he does have gas like the rest of us ha ha

  • Was diagnosed about 1 1/2yrs ago after noticing slight tremor in left hand, tiny handwriting (started about 2 years prior), decreased sense of smell (forever..I just attributed to sinus issues. Started on 1 mg of Azilect and Mirapex. No worsening of tremor and handwriting back to normal almost immediately. Have not had any side effects of meds.

  • I have been on Azilect since October 2015 after 2 bad reactions to Sinemet and Mirapex. Apparently I am unusual in that I have Parkinsons but am overly sensitive to levodopa (not sure what will happen when I progress as I am very early in the process). I fought taking the Azilect but once I started, I noticed a definite improvement in mood and fine motor skills. I had no side effects or reactions whatsoever. I think it has definitely helped me. Has anyone answered why it is considered irreversible though?

  • yes, I copied a link to the ireversibility of something about azilect. It's over my head too much for me to understand biochemistry. Somewhere in this string of replies there is a link, you should find it above there somewhere. I am still taking only 0.5 mg once daily but in a week I will bump it to 1 mg then let the doctor know how I am feeling. Today, still no noticeable effect that I can surely attribute to Azilect. But the heat here in East TX feels like 110 and that surely has effected me with a strong desire to stay out of the sun, so no walks lately. When I 1st started Azilect I felt like it was similar to Mirapex as it made me feel as though my IQ was falling. However, I'm not sure that it wasn't the sun's effect, as I had gotten overheated on Saturday. After 4 doses and having not been out in the sun getting overheated lately I seem to be more alert.

  • I guess it can take up to 8 weeks to kick in. Good luck to you!

  • To you as well

  • Buzz, I started Azilect a couple of months ago and believe it has given me more energy. To my knowledge it is the one drug out there that has come the furthest in being considered as a drug that can slow progression - but this has not been proven so the jury is still out. I'd like to hear what others are saying. My Dr told me that it would take a month or two to see results. Not sure it is impacting my tremor but more energy and that helps me get out there and exercise. BTW as a precaution I steer away from Chianti. Interactions with Azilect predecessor, Selegiline, was more of a menace in terms of food interactions. Let me know how it goes for you and I hope to hear from othrs.

  • Thanks for the reminder about the Azilect interactions; it is a complication. As for me i still can hardly tell I am taking it, except for some mild slowing down of the digestion that requires i eat prunes every night. Hope it works out for both of us.

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