I can't get on the floor for exercise, with PD, so I HAVE my exercise back & neck pillow support on my bed. And I have my weights too. I am 82 yr old female with PD for over 8 yrs. I can't walk without Walker. I do stretching and breathing, for my lower back (stenosis, and scolosis) too. Stretching feels soooo good. one more thing, I use satin sheets and silk sleep ware for easy movement when sleeping..... well constipation+++ tried everything,+++ still seeking+++

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  • You are an inspiration. People like you are becoming the new face of PD. strong of body and mind. I am 62 and hope i am as strong willed as you are when I turn 82 I will be in my 32nd year of PD. then.

    Keep it up.

  • for constipation I use polyethylene glycol or Mirilax or Laxaclear if its fromCostco.

  • Try Plantago ovata (Psyllium) for constipation:


    Most importantly, it is also good for Parkinson's disease:


  • To treat, as well as prevent constipation, explore Mag-07 by aerobic life. It can be purchased on Amazon.


  • Being a fruitaholic, I wolf down copious amounts of watermelon. 'Nuff said.

  • I did that with stewed prunes. I would not recommend that.

  • Very positive thinking, minnietip ,

    That's great,

    My husband aged 77 has stage 4 PD,

    And exercise and stretching are a must I keep telling him,

    He has frequent bouts of ITUs and is currently waiting to be released from hospital,

    And get care back into place,

    Constipation is a big side effect of PD, he has been prescribed lactulose

    Which works very well.

    May I ask what dosage of madopar you are taking?

    If you use it

    Good luck , and keep stretching xx

  • My dad has PD, was constipated all his life, recently switched to near diarrhea for no detectable reason. (We celebrated his 104th last week, low-key at his request.). He says his bed cane, which he thought he didn't need, was one of the best things I got for him. He says he is "weary", but he still looks forward to his nightly dinner date and hour of M*A*S*H or Lawrence Welk reruns with his young ladyfriend (98) of nine years.

  • Holly Toledo! He's 104 years old?

  • For constipation: Miralax every other day and a Colase capsule every day.

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