Secondn pic of the Party Night

Secondn pic of the Party Night

HI All,

I hear a PARTY goin on.

Got ma Kilt on beer is a flowin and the wine is going down fine.

How we doin the photo thing Andy,

well first of the night

My Mum Jean is with us she heard abou the last part and came to see what it was all about


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  • Sexy!! I started a thread "Its the Valentines Party" use that one if you want

  • How do you post a pic on it ?

  • Do u know I`m not sure you can if your posting a comment on someone elses blog.....I`ve just tried and cant :-(

  • hi all - how is it all going down ?

  • love the kilt alsh !! you look great :-D ;-)

  • Not surprise my party is rather quiet I am on the wrong site. Should liven up now.

  • Love the kilt Alsh. Is that an Anderson tartan?

  • Hiya join us all on the "It`s the valentines party!!" blog :-) x

  • Sure is , prob the best tartan in the world


  • [anybody got a match? I have to take my meds..]

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