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For those who have tried Baclofen


Hi, new to the diagnosis and group. I tried Baclofen for the first time last night. Slept for more than 3 hours for the first time in more than a year or two. The pain in my arm from clonus and tremors is gone for now. Awesome.

The only issue is the dizziness. Does it go away? I can't stay dizzy like this. I fal way to easily to have my head spinning. Not sure if it builds up in your system....I thought I was supposed to just take it like a muscle relaxer, when my arm is tight from the movements. Is this a maintenance drug?

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I thought Baclofen was not a recommended medication for those with PD but could be wrong - My understanding is that it depresses the CentralNervousSystem

IDK the neurologist who diagnosed my and has me on Amantadine is the doc who prescribed it. I only take 10-20mg at bed time.

Advice on link here says unsuitable for Parkinsons Disease

Oh wow thankyou, hmm maybe I'll call Monday and double check with the nurse. 

Hmm ... it's one of the drugs I tried before they knew what was causing my tremor. I did find it a good sleep aid but it didn't affect the tremor, then my neuro told me to stop taking it. She said it can cause memory problems. That's all I needed to hear!

That is a mscle relaxer. I know very well because my wife has MS. My wife faces the same  paradox, it eases muscle cramping and it increases risk of falling. Best to choose wisely with the benefit of not having head injury foremost in your mind.

Baclofen is a form of GABA,  (gamma aminobutyric acid). GABA is a neurotransmitter that relates to muscle relaxation and has a calming effect. GABA is not suppose to cross the blood-brain barrier according to the scientific community, but there are many who claim to benefit from taking it,(I do, It works for me). Baclofen is a slightly altered molecular form of GABA that does cross the blood brain barrier. The receptors for GABA are powerful. They are the ones the notorious "Roofies" or "Date Rape" drug affect. GABA is much more subtle. My experience with taking a large amount of GABA is after about 10 minutes having a short spell of shortness of breath, about a minute. Then a short flushing of skin, like taking niacin. Then a relaxed calmness that seems to also clear my thinking. It is the most powerful over the counter nutrient I have taken. I have been told by a neurologist chiropractor that I must have a leaky blood brain barrier. I have been told by my MD. that it is placebo. I have seen the exact symptoms described by others on the web. This has been my experience, for what it's worth.

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Actually baclofen works different from GABA, GABA is just chemically related to baclofen. GABA is antagonist to the receptor that baclofen would bind to, I think. I hope I summarized that correctly I am not a pharmacist I just know Baclofen and GABA have different mechanism. I take GABA w/o increased ataxia/dizziness. 

my doctor prescribed it for dystonia.  haven't gotten it from the pharmacy yet though

It has helped me. I only take 10 mg at bedtime. And I have a more restful sleep. The dizziness only happened real bad the first night. If I get up to use the restroom, I'm extra careful though. I don't have the pain in my leg and arm when I get up in the AM like I did before. 

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