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educational panels online

On May 14, Partners in Parkinson's will broadcast a full day of educational panels online, available to view on any computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

Partners in Parkinson's is an educational initiative developed by The Michael J. Fox Foundation and the pharmaceutical company AbbVie to connect the Parkinson's community with information and resources to optimize care. These full-day events feature sessions with clinicians, researchers, allied health care professionals and people living with Parkinson's and their loved ones.


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My husband and I "attended " the all day webinar. It was excellent. Researchers believe that the path to a cure is in finding a way of preventing the protein from clustering. In PD this protein clusters in the stomach and travels throughout the body causing PD. I feel that we need to focus on helping with the symptoms and leave the trials on the clustering to the researchers as there is no known food that can prevent this from happening. We can share the things we notice with any food item that helps or hinders the symptoms.eg coconut oil. We need to press for the cure and that takes patience ...more patience can we have sometimes.


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