Thank you to a PWP

I would like to thank a person who posted a "treatment" for constipation in PD (from their experience).

Im sorry i cant find the post (think it was a reply to someone) so forgive me for not using your name.

I now drink 3 glasses of water when i wake up in the morning then wait 45 mins before i eat breakfast. This has made a huge difference to my digestive system in a positive way. 

A bonus is that it is free, medication free and healthy.

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  • I know this sounds strange but fecal matter (stool) microbiotia transplants are gaining credibility for treatment of constipation in Parkinson's and Dr. Borody, an Australian doctor had the symptoms of 3 patients diminish/go away afterwards:

    Autoimmune and neurologic conditions[edit]

    "The therapeutic potential of FMT in non-gastroenterologic conditions, including autoimmune disorders,[10] neurological conditions,[11] obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes,[12] multiple sclerosis,[11] and Parkinson's disease[13] are now being explored. As of May 2008, studies had shown that FMT can have a positive effect on devastating neurological diseases such as Parkinson's disease.[13] While Dr. Thomas Borody was experimenting with patients who were afflicted by both CDI and Parkinson's disease, he realized that after fecal therapy the symptoms of Parkinson's in his patients began to decrease; some to the point that the Parkinson's could not be detected by other neurologists. The hypothesis for future studies is that the fluctuation in the body's microbiome done by FMT can also be recreated by adding anti–Clostridium-difficile antibodies to the patient's body, a technique intended to be used in Borody's future case studies involving Parkinson's disease.[12]."

  • Interesting. I think I'd try deploying the "anti–Clostridium-difficile antibodies" option before trying the FMT implant. It appears that there are 2 specific toxins (Toxin A and Toxin B) to target. I'm guessing that either or both may be the suspected culprit and both would need to be targeted...

  • Hi Deat. I have posted many responses to this vexing question in the past. Are you asking for it to be repeated?


  • Hi John

    No, just wanting to thank the person who gave the advice re 3 large glasses of water, wait 45 mins before eating brekkie, every morning. It worked for me.

  • There is a yoga position which benefits 'elimination'. When you wake, lying on your back, bring your knees towards your chest, hug your knees. Rest in this position for a bit.

  • Glad you found some help it can be a real problem. I didn't post this info. but have also found that milk of magnesia and some warmed prune juice works really well.

  • In my case I found that stool softener (not to be confused with laxatives) remedied the problem.

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