Parkinson's Movement

He'll Remember Me"

Oh! He'll remember me!

He's definitely going

to remember me!

I have left

pieces of me

in all parts

of his life.

From the excitement

of our first meeting

to the butterflies

we still get when

we are alone

together at the

end of the day.

Oh! He's gonna

remember me!

The supple kisses,

soft pats on the


a deliberately placed

nibble in the hallow

of the neck just

below the ear.

He'll remember me!

There are the books

I've read and the

journals I've filled

in easy reach throughout

the house.

My thoughts and feelings

among his T-shirts,

lap-top and shoes.

He's gonna remember me!

Every time he closes

a cabinet door,

or tightens the lid

on the toothpaste,

He'll remember me!

Down inside the couch

he'll find my

hair barrette and

about a million pens,

(I can't ever find a pen),

an old grocery list,

and a few lines to a poem.

Yes, Yes, He's definitely

gonna remember me!

Wedged way in the back

of the closet He'll

find one shoe,

that one shoe I spent

30 minutes looking for

because I had to wear

THOSE shoes out on our date.

He's going to remember me-

so much more of me

than I'll ever know.

He'll laugh out loud

at some joke he remembers

I once told him and

he'll feel me slip my

hand in his,

so sure he'll be

that I'm right there

beside him that

He'll turn his head

to look but find

I'm just not there.

The scent of

my perfume lingers

in the air,

He stands so still,

breathing in lightly

the smell of me,

so afraid to move,

to look around

to find no one

is there.

He's gonna remember me,

He's definitely gonna

remember me!

May each memory of me

He encounter throughout

the rest of His life

bring the sweetest smile

to his lips, and the

happiest thoughts to mind.

He's gonna remember me,

He's definitely gonna

remember me!


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You got me crying and smiling at the same time.

Happy Valentine' s Day !


How could he not remember a person so talented and gifted - he's a lucky, lucky person to have such a gift from God. Happy Valentines to you both.


another winner JJ.

I'll remember you

terse and direct

plain and clear

no holds barred


I'll remember

how you changed

how your laments

became celebrations

no pollyanna

no princess

no saint

just folks

I'll remember

connecting in this space

the parkosphere

where we all bring what we've got

to the wobbly-ass table

we got stuck with

So, yes, JAne, Ill remember you

but just in case:

remind me often

visit us

sing for us

paint for us

letting us see through you eyes

once again.

We are going to be needing you

for a long long time.

Your PALentine


smashing parkie smarkie


Thank you all for encouraging and supporting my voice!


Gosh you are a force to be reckoned with. Another great read - it brought tears to my eyes. How do you do it? They say Parkinsons is attracted to talented people and it is certainly true in your case. Must be a mistake that it chose me.



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