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Parkinson's patient improves markedly after stem cell therapy

A 45-year-old patient suffering from Parkinson's disease showed sharp improvement after undergoing stem cell therapy, according to claims made by the doctor who treated him.

The development is significant because until now drugs available in the market are only able to control the symptoms and not bring improvement in a patient suffering from Parkinson's disease.

The patient in question had severe complications, said Geetha Shroff, founder and medical director of Nutech Mediworld, in a press release.

She tried stem cell therapy, also known as HESC (Human Embryonic Stem Cells), which has proved effective in several major health complications including that of spinal cord and bones, on the patient.

"Through stem cell therapy the patient has shown marked improvement. He is able to speak, write and balance himself properly," claimed Shroff, a stem cell therapy expert.

Shroff said the stem cell therapy has caused reduction in tremors, muscle rigidity and bradykinesia (slowness of movement) of the patient. Numbness in his hands and legs has also gone down.

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This is a story from that clinic. Yes old report now but I doubt it has changed. I just put the clinic name Google, it's easy enough to check claims like this .,


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Thank you.


This is timely. Tomorrow at noon EST, the monthly MJFox Webinar is on Stem Cell Research for PwP. michaeljfox.org/understandi...

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