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Simvastatin - pros/cons?

Up until a year ago I took Simvastatin each day...When my husband's mother was mistakenly prescribed double the dosage she should have had...and lost her ability to walk and lost her ability to communicate and comprehend. I was devastating, After 8 months she is doing much better...glad we didn't lose her. My PD condition has deteriorated. I think it has something to do with my decision to stop the Simvastatin. Has anyone else had a similar experience? It would help me to

know if others have had similar problems.

Thanks in advance...

Sally Sun

Marina, California

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when my husband was put on a statin drug in 03, he lost his memory and could hardly move. he went to a neurologist to see if he had alzheimers. the 'good' news was he ONLY had PD. the same day he went back for a check up to the cardio and his cholesterol was 155. way too low for this man who needs fat in his diet. i felt something was connected so read the small, small print on the statin to learn that some react this way so we stopped it. within two weeks the memory came back but the muscular deterioration had begun and hasn't stopped. now i see the cholesterol recommendation for elders is not less than 175. in those days, every doc thought we were crazy and had never heard of any connection. the connection was COQ10 which is an absolutely necessary part of the Krebs energy cycle. statins use the same pathways and compete with CoQ10 for the space.

i am not saying the statins caused the PD. i do think it triggered a latent situation. now everyone knows there is a relationship between statins and these symptoms. hope this helps.


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