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Has anyone noticed a change in their hand that has a tremor?

I have noticed recently that my right hand is changing shape. My fingers are becoming more difficult to bend and it is really almost impossible to hold my hand outstretched with my fingers straight. My fingers always work their way towards my palm. Expect this just another joy that comes with Parkinsons.

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Exactly! You just defined my hand with the tremor, and my left hand is starting to move in that direction


In OCtober my rt hand swelled up and gave me agony. Crisis ended after 4 or 5 days but slight swelling and I Cant close hand for a tight fist. Just started "contrast baths" (hand in very cold water, then very hot) and nuero wants me to weara splint like for carpal tunnel. WEnt to get that today, my insur was refused! GOtta find it esewhere. I am worried about my hand, andpain has spread all over shoulder area. Aargh!

I;m starting to think that PD was not such a great idea after all!


Quite agree Parkinsons was not a good idea at all though life is never dull. Each new day brings a different symptom for us to contend with.

My hand also swells, although, and I must touch wood when I say this, at the moment it is not painful - but who knows what tomorrow might bring. Interesting about wearing a splint. Assume you do not live in the UK. One advantage of our Health Service is treatment is free. Could not manage otherwise.

Good luck with sorting this problem out. Keep me posted, please.


desde el primer momento tengo la mano afectado del temblor mas hinchado, pero no duele.saludos


Me han recetado baños de contraste (frio/caliente) un ejecicio de estiramiento, un antiimflamatorio, para el hinchazón...parece que me va bien



Wish there was something to cover medical expenses in the US! I live in Tennessee, we have what is called TN Care instead of Medicaid. I can no longer work, but cannot get TN Care, they have limited funds and now only accept children or women with breast cancer!

My disability is in the appeals process right now, once I get it, it is another 24 months to get Medicare...what a broken system we have!


I live in va. And i am 67. The cut off age for disability here is 62. How was i to know i MAY have pd one day. I cannot receive disability if i happen to need it. I have only a right h.tremor.and have not received a father had it.


Good morning from FL, I also have started having the same problem, so don't feel alone, PD is a dirty illness.



Sadly, that sounds like the toes on my left foot. It is very irritating and is painful especially if my foot cramps too.


started therapy, hand feels better. Shoulder healing nicely. Did very light yga today ( 1 sun salute on each side) plus a few Xi gong poses. First stretchiing in a week!

Now I gotta chase down that brace. I Found a supply house that MAYBE will accept mu insurance. Have fitting Friday. IT;s not that expensive anyway. I'll report back ina week or so.


I am right there with you, both of my hands are drawing up, iti is worse on the left, which is the side that is more affected by the PD. My joints are also painful in both hands.

I try to do "stretching" with them several times a day. I basically place the palms of my hands in a "prayer" position with my fingers up, not folded, I gradually move the palms apart with the fingers outstretched so they are pressing against each other and hold the position as long as I can, then release them, do it several times throughout the day.

I also work on each finger individually to straighten them and hold that positon. At times, I look and my left had is retracted, if I notice this, I will stretch them. I have also heard of people using balls in their hands at night to help prevent the drawing up of the hand during sleep.

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Another note, I also have bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. I always use a brace on the left hand at night (also the bad PD side). There are also times during the day that I need it.


Nadie me había dicho nada sobre este problema dentro del Parkinson.

Yo no lo tengo pero estoy en el estadio II.

Le deseo que se mejore y buena suerte.



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