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Fainting / black-outs due to ortho - hypotension

Boy i thot PD would be my last major challenge / Enter O H. tried compression sox (not sold on them yet). Tried Fludro cort med and dropped for Midrisine. Any suggestions, Just had the pair of DBS surgeries w some good results. Yesterday had 4 very close calls falling.At the gym, the pizza shop,

and twice at home. HELP - this is getting scary

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Are you on any meds at all? Some can make it worse

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certainly - for my PWP both Azlect & Sinemet

and Lexapro = anxiety

and Midodrine = OH

was Fludroc OH


Some people find DBS makes them more prone to falls but certainly not everyone.

It's tough, there is no real answer is there.


I found that affect my dbs surgery my balance was affected. I think my posture had changed and I was moving faster than before. I slowed down and started paying attention to my movements and it resolved. I know people who have gone for physical therapy after dbs and found it helpful. I once asked a neurosurgeon at a pd symposium why pt is not routinely recommended after dbs. He said it should be but since insurance often doesn't cover it patients don't go so they've stopped talking about it. Might be worth considering, even for a few sessions just to get an idea if the falling is related to physical changes from the dbs.


I had problems with orthostatic hypotension before being diagnosed with PD. (It may have been an early sign). As I've been on pd meds for a couple of years, I've had more really frightening episodes of almost fainting. It starts out with my hearing starting to diminish and then my vision starts to go black. It's not always upon standing up; also often just walking. The good news is that it has greatly improved with a quite high dose of Midodrine (15 mg. 3x daily) and a recent addition of Fludrocortisone 0.1 mg (I started with one tablet a day and just increased to 2 tablets daily almost a week ago. Both medications are monitored by my neuro, who is a specialist in PD.


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