Eating habits and supplements

Eating habits and supplements

Hello friends;

Hardly any food tastes good to me anymore.

Severe dry mouth adds to this problem.

When I eat cookies and drink coffee or milk with it, I love it (who would not:)

I hope this is a passing face, and that I will go back to a healthier way of eating.

I was eating well, until, suddenly, nothing tastes good, except cookies and milk or coffee.

Anyone had this experience?

Then I order Gaba in the mail. Gaba is good for reducing anxiety.

I took one capsule last night and one this morning.

Two hours later, I could barley drag myself home on very tired feet!!

I am stumped!!!

I guess I am going to be learning that not all alternative supplements

work well with Sinemet and Azilect.

Feedback please?

Thank you!!

Keep up the good work!!

Hugs and much love from Eva G.


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  • How awful for you, surely one of life's most simplest pleasures denied. I do hope this is a passing phase for you and it sounds like Gaba isn't going to help :/ I take 20mgs nortriptiline at night and that seems to have helped with my sleeplessness and anxiety. Either that or I just am feeling better! That's the trouble isn't it, we're all in a world of a reasonable amount of guesswork with meds.

  • Hi, I have been taking sinemet and requip for 6 years more or less and now my eyes, mouth and insides feel terribly dry is this the treatment then?

    I also feel anxiety and depressed.

  • By the way I love the Roses! Don't know whether the picture is yours?

  • I put the picture there! I love flowers and roses.

  • I sleep with a sugar free cough drop to keep my mouth moist.Losing a sense of smell can interfere with tasting foods.

  • I think that is what is happening!!

    Thank you for your reply rhyspeace 12.

    Hugs and love to you from Eva G


  • Sleeping g with anything in your mouth is very dangerous.

  • The sense of smell often one of the very first signs of PD is a large part of the sense of taste. My sense of smell came back as far as I am concerned once on sinemet and taste was never affected - I'm contradicting myself I know but its all subjective - but when I do the smell test in a research project I don't seem to be able to discriminate between any of the twenty or so things wafted under my nose.

  • Hi Eva, I have taken a lot of different supplements, everyone needs something different. I tried GABA and it didn't do anything....maybe try it at night, many people outside the US use it for sleep, thats what my neurologist said. He said it wasn't a problem with the sinemet interacting------- maybe one instead of 2/day would work better.

    I find that I am very sensitive to supps which wasn't the case before I got PD.

    I have also lost 60#, which is a PD trait, but I am doing acupuncture and my appetite is coming back full force.

    I suspect Sinemet does affect out digestion, metabolism, appetite directly, and I learned to work around it. I don't restrict my diet, except caffeine, and trying some of the more fattening foods I haven't had in years, thats kind of fun.

    Good Luck

    Peace, Susanne

  • Thank you for replying :)

    Hugs and Love to you!


  • To help the dryness you can try Biotene. They sell a toothpaste, a mouthwash & a mouth spray.

  • You know laglag, I have tried all the biotene products. They don't help me that much. However, I like the gel.

    Hugs and Love to you


  • I use Biotene too--the mouthwash. I've been using it instead of Listerine before I knew I had PD. It is sold in the drugstore with dental products.

  • I have almost completely lost my sense of smell & everything I eat usually tastes extremely salty &/or bitter. No one else ever seems to agree with me though.

  • I lost my sense of smell a few years before I was diagnosed. I have not lost my sense of taste, but I do not have much appetite. Sweets taste better than any other food to me.

  • I have never had a problem with sweets!!!

  • Someone that knows, told me that the last tastebuds to go AS WE AGE, are the sweet tasting tastebuds.

    I will experiment what other food taste good, because I can taste fish, and I love fish!!

    Thanks for your reply!

    Hugs and love from Eva


  • Beemacs, I have lost my sense of smell and taste!

    What is one to do except for what tasts good?

    Hugs and love to you


  • I lost my ofactury (sp sorry) senses gradually starting years before realizing and being dx with PD. Now I can scrub a closed shower with straight bleach and not smell it until my throat feels raw and my eyes burn!

    Our brains (although compromised) are still powerful. Driving in my convertible last spring I was missing the smell in the air of cut grass or fresh worked fields after a spring rain.... and like magic it was there! My visual cortex triggers my memory and in a couple of nanoseconds I have a simulation that is almost real.

    I was dx'd 13 years ago and realized this phenomenon long after it was automatically doing it. That is my best explanation anyway.

    I have similarly learned how to taste somewhat from memory combined with texture and salivation on my tongue (sweet/,sour etc)

    It's more interesting to me how I can smell a campfire and not get overloaded by smoke until my eyes or throat physically burn.

  • I forgot to tell you that I love your roses!

  • You are so welcome


  • Hi, I don't know if this is connecting with sense of smell like poeple say. If it is, have a look at this site:


    Go down to replies to see some comments. You can also search within the site for other blogs that people reported on their gain of sense of smell back.

    I'm doing this exercise and haven't loss all sense of smell. I can smell, not sure if 100%.

    Please disregard if this is not what you believe in. I'm just trying to help.

  • Thank you!! I appreciate it very, very much!!!

    Hugs and love to you!!

    From Eva G


  • You're welcome. Hope it helps!

  • Your roses are beautiful. Have you tried taking coconut oil? That is what restored my sense of smell and taste.

  • Thank you so much joanne_joyce!!!!

    I will be buying coconut oil tomorrow!!

    Be blessed this coming week!!

    Hugs and lovee from Eva G.


  • Eva. Please be prepared for the improvement to come gradually. Also start with a spoonful of CO and gradually increase the amount.

  • I should have read all the replies before asking you how you used the coconut oil! Sorry.

  • how much CO are you taking per day and what other benefits? Thanks

  • How do you take coconut oil? I may try it. I have lost some of my sense of smell but still have sense of taste. I thought I'd lost the sense of smell completely but lately have smelled things cooking in the oven and can smell hand lotion etc.

  • I first noticed the problem when I could no longer smell the noxima I wash my face with - a sort of menthol smell. So now I use that as my measure to know if I am taking enough CO - some days it smells real good and other days I can hardly smell it at all. I put a spoonful in my tea and coffee and it also tastes great on cooked vegies etc.

  • I do have a jar of coconut oil and may give it a try especially on cooked veggies.

  • Dry mouth! Ahh, that is another problem and I hate it. I've tried all the products. I use xylimelts that stick to the roof of my mouth with some success. When I'm home I eat olives! While the pulp is in my mouth I get moisture relief. Sounds crazy but it does help and I guess they are a healthy food too.

  • Wow!!! Who would havee guessed!!

    Another item for my shopping list!!


    And yes, they are good for you!!!

  • I too have problems with dry mouth and lack of appetite. For dry mouth, I buy a delicious -to-me all natural cinnamon gum at Whole Foods and chew it most of the time. It is a pain sometimes, but it really helps! It has also lessened my swallowing problem (exercise? ) and makes it a bit easier to speak. It also helps control my new drooling issue and seems to treat my constant congestion. I buy gum with Xylitol in hopes of protecting my teeth.

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