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The effect CBD has on my Parkinson's symptoms


"Adding CBD to a consistent treatment regimen gives me one to two hours of improved mobility daily. Improved symptom management is difficult to quantify with PD. But in general when I can get five to six hours of sleep the same time of day, and am not titrating my Sinemet, Amantadine, or Deep Brain Stimulator settings, and am able to consume a reliable quantity and quality of CBD, I am able to ambulate. This video includes video footage from four examples of my claims over the past few years. You will have to take my word that 5 - 10 minutes prior to each sample, I was unable to ambulate without being slumped over a walker, and that I ingested CBD during that 5 - 10 minute span"

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Yeah, there's a lot of videos like that.

Ironically, Washington DC will be the first place (next year) to have marijuana legal over the counter even without a prescription.

For medical use, it's legal in 23 states, with 17 other states with legislation. Many of these will not prosecute for possession even if no medical I.D. card has been obtained.


I have been doing high CBD Co2 extracted from Chronic Essentials and I do NOT get a break from symptoms. May I ask what brand and dose youre using? I would love to get a break like you. I have been doing my CBD for months, and the prescribing doctor said it would take a year of taking 100 mg per day, but that would be expensive....

Do you think the DBS was worth it ? trying to decide on that one too....

Thanks, Susie

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The original poster is just quoting from the video, not their personal experience.

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Thanks for the clarification!

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Sorry, as Zawy said it is just quoting from the video, not my personal experience.

I will give you a couple of ideas to think about it.

If you are in the USA and in a state that allows medical use I will contact the local Parkinson Association to see if they have any cannabis experience (CBD or 1-1 CBD-THC, see Etterus comment). If none will contact another association or state. Sure at one point you will find a personal direct experience.

Or try to contact the guy from the youtube video. It has days.

Another place to look for or ask.

Cannabis Strains That Help With Parkinsons.

All the best!

I find it helps reduce dystonia in my feet plus any pain. I think it helps me sleep better also. I don't use it during the day... only after supper. While in Victoria bc recently I met a retired pharmacists that blended high thc and cbd for a 20% concentration for each. She claimed it was the best for many of our problems.

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